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Subway Joins Snyder Cut Campaign

Yes, you read that correctly. Believe me, I wasn’t expecting this either. But it appears as though the sandwich branch, Subway, decided to get involved in the Snyder Cut campaign. The campaign hit a high not long ago with the 2 year anniversary since Justice League‘s release. Since then, things have quietened down quite a bit. However, today proved that we’re not quite finished yet.

So how exactly did Subway get involved?

On Twitter, an account dedicated to the Snyder Cut, known as @RTSnyderCut, called Subway out (for some reason). But it all started with Ben Affleck. A few days ago the Batman actor tweeted this:

Ben Affleck has been raising awareness for Feeding America which is an organisation dedicated to feeding families across the country. The Snyder Cut Twitter account decided to help out.

They tweeted Subway asking them how many retweets they would need in order for them to donate 10,000 sandwiches.

Subway got the message and a deal was struck. 5,000 retweets in 5 hours would get the foundation 10,000 sandwiches.

However, something amazing happened. In just over 200 minutes, the tweet obtained the necessary 5,000 retweets. Considering it happened a lot quicker than expected, being the good sports that they are, Subway rewarded the achievement.

Subway upped the donation amount to 15,000 sandwiches which will help the foundation so much. Not only was an amazing deed committed but it seems as though the Release The Snyder Cut campaign is here to stay. Well, until we actually receive the highly anticipated cut.

Check out some of Subway’s brilliant responses on their Twitter page. They are amazing.

Keep supporting #ReleaseTheSnyderCut and Subway. Thank you to everyone who got involved, this bit of fun will do wonders for many families in the US. You can read more about the foundation and how you can get involved over on their website.

What do you make of this random and brilliant bid to get the Snyder Cut? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Check out more from the Snyder Cut here.

One thought on “Subway Joins Snyder Cut Campaign

  1. Addressing the question in your second paragraph about why Subway was targeted, it’s because Subway got involved with the campaign on their own first. In response to Zack Snyder’s photo and news about the director’s cut film cans, Subway’s official account tweeted #ReleaseTheSnyderCut and stated that they too would also like to see the whole thing. Funny and cool.

    So the fan campaign responded, by calling on Subway to support Ben Affleck’s call for Feeding America as well. And as you described in your article, Subway answered the call.

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