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Study Shows that Harry Styles has the World’s Most Handsome Eyes and Chin

Terence Patrick/CBS

In a recently published study, it’s been confirmed (although…we already knew) that Harry Styles is one of the worlds most attractive men. Now, this isn’t just based on Twitter polls of fans across pop culture or One Direction fans who have seen Harry’s rise from cute and charming to so attractive it’s almost painful. It’s genuinely a scientific study.

The Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery reported that, according to the Golden Ratio, Harry has the world’s most handsome eyes and chin; in fact, they’re almost perfect. (duh)

Study Shows that Harry Styles has the World's Most Handsome Eyes and Chin

The Golden Ratio which is 1.618 shows that the distance between Harry’s eyes divided by the length of one eye puts him at 98.15% of the perfect ratio. His chin is even closer to perfect as it measures at 99.7% of the perfect ratio. This is measured as the width of the chin at the midpoint being 1.168 times the length of the lip. This measurement, for Harry, registers him at 99.7% of the perfect ratio.

Now, if you ask us, his eyes and his chin aren’t the only near perfect parts but looking at it from the ratio and the numbers and the study; we’ll go along with it.

Harry has been busy with Dunkirk promo so we’ve been blessed with a lot of pictures from the events he’s attended with the rest of his all star cast and every single time we see him, he gets more stunning.

Here’s to studies and ratios and, well, Harry Styles.