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Stephen Amell is perfect for the role of Moon Knight – Here is why!

In this day and age, we find ourselves happily fulfilled with the amount of Superheroes that have sprung to life from the pages of the comics books in which they once rested. I remember back when Iron Man hit the theaters, and how well received it was by every single person that went to see it.

I mean sure, we’ve had plenty of superhero movies in the past but since the millennium they have only gotten better and better with each passing day.

Both Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment have put out incredible movies, TV Shows, and mini-series over the past few years. Recently, both Thor: Ragnarok and The Justice League won over our hearts. While seeing all of these sequels coming out is absolutely amazing, we also look forward to the introduction of newer characters as well.

Most recently, Marvel put out The Punisher on Netflix and WOW was it great! On the DC side of things, we have the debut of Black Lightning to look forward to on January 16th on The CW!

While all of these new superheroes are emerging, there is still one character that has not yet made a debut that we would love to see – Moon Knight. The former marine turned vigilante is often referred to as ‘The Batman of Marvel’ by a lot of comic fans. He’s stealthy, he’s strong, he’s fast…. well, I could go on and on with adjectives to describe him. All you need to know, is that he is awesome. For sure.

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Image: Marvel Comics

A Chicago Native, Marc Spector grew up to eventually be a heavyweight boxer and a US Marine. After his contract was up, he left the military to become a mercenary where he befriended a French Pilot (Jean-Paul DuChamp aka ‘Frenchie’) who trained him to become stronger in addition to a skilled combatant. Marc was hired by Raoul Bushman in Egypt, where they stumbles upon an archaeological dig that held an ancient temple stood. In the temple was various artifacts and treasures, in addition to a statue of the Egyptian Moon God, Khonshu. Intent on looting the temple and keeping the treasure for himself, Bushman killed the on site archeologist. Out of rage, Marc and Bushman engaged in combat in which Marc was defeated and left to die in sub-zero temperatures in the desert.

The Egyptians who worshiped Khonshu frequently found Spector and carried him back down to the temple and laid him in front of the statue of the Moon God. Khonshu appeared to him in a vision, offering him a second chance at life if he became the God’s avatar on Earth. Marc woke up, donned himself with the silver shroud from Khonshu’s statue and then confronted and defeated Bushman once more. He headed back to America with Marlene, Frenchie and the statue of Khonshu. Marc elected to fulfill his promise, and created himself a costume based on the silver shroud and became known as Moon Knight aka ‘The Fist of Khonshu’.

If there is one actor that comes to mind as to who should don that cloak and and rule the night, it is without a doubt Stephen Amell.

Stephen made his first debut in the superhero universe when he threw on the hood and picked up his bow in Arrow Season One, which aired in 2012. Playing the role of a shipwrecked billionaire playboy turned vigilante, Stephen immediately won over Green Arrow fans all across the world. He absolutely dominated the role of Oliver Queen, and as the seasons of Arrow progress (and we hope will never end!), Stephen has really pulled us though all the layers that make up our favorite Emerald Archer.

So, why do I think that Stephen Amell should play Moon Knight?

Well, for starters, Moon Knight is an incredibly complex character. He’s got several different personalities, in addition to having many layers to each of those personalities. Since the beginning of Arrow, we have seen Oliver Queen go through extremely similar circumstances. He’s seen family members die in front of him, he’s fallen at the feet of his enemies, and he was able to inspire his city to rise up and fight against a greater evil.

Stephen has managed to deliver all of these with absolute perfection. Stephen doesn’t just ‘act’, he dives into his characters deep so he can truly immerse himself in the moment. If Stephen were to take that drive and apply it to the character of Moon Knight, it would be absolutely incredible.

Then there is the look of Moon Knight. Marc Spector is an incredibly fit individual. Stephen has shown no limits when it comes to fitness, having competed in the American Ninja Warrior competition. For those of you who follow Stephen Amell on social media, you know exactly how dedicated to fitness Stephen is. He’s one of the most dedicated people I have ever seen. Also, Stephen possesses that strong, almost drill-sergeant kind of look when he has to channel his more angry side of Oliver. Essentially, both Stephen and Moon Knight are badasses. There is no denying it. They just fit together. Stephen also already knows how to fight, and he’s pretty spectacular at it too.

Stephen has quite the handle on the ‘vigilante wheel’, having played both Oliver Queen and Casey Jones. Stepping into Moon Knight’s shoes (or boots) would be an incredible move for him.

I could go on with a thousand reasons why Stephen should play Moon Knight, but that would wind up being long enough to be a case study!

While Moon Knight may not get his own movie, we would be perfectly satisfied with a Netflix series or even a Mini Series like Agent Carter once did. Stephen is definitely the guy Marvel should consider donning this hood.

What do you think? Would you like to see Stephen Amell as Moon Knight?


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