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3 Superheroes we would love to see Stephen Amell Play

Published on July 1st, 2017 | Updated on July 1st, 2017 | By FanFest

Stephen Amell has been winning over our hearts for the past five years on the hit CW show, Arrow, as billionaire-playboy-gone-vigilante Oliver Queen. Prior to Amell’s casting as the iconic DC hero, Green Arrow wasn’t very well known to the DC mediaverse. Sure, there was the casting in Smallville and he was a character in the Justice League cartoon but no one was able to properly fill those boots (or hood, I should say).

Stephen Amell has completely won over the DCverse in his performance, and he certainly is the perfect fit for the part. As a fan of the Green Arrow comics for years and years, I found myself feeling that Stephen Amell was the absolute perfect choice for the hero.

While we love seeing Stephen fight crime and beat up villains as Green Arrow, we have began wondering what other superheroes Stephen would be the perfect fit for. In interviews of the past, Stephen has stated that he would be open to playing a Marvel superhero as well. He wouldn’t be the first to cross universes either. Several stars, most notably Ryan Reynolds, has played heroes in both universes (Green Lantern and Deadpool).

We’ve collected a list of three other superheroes we would love to see Stephen play, from the Marvel Universe:

Johnny Storm/Human Torch

Image: Marvel Comics

If you follow Stephen on social media or if you have attended one of his panels at either a Heroes and Villains Fan Fest or any other comic con, you know that Stephen definitely has that bubbly and snarky personality that makes up Johnny storm. That, and we’ve seen the ‘playboy’ side of Oliver Queen on Arrow, which is also just like Johnny. Also, he just LOOKS like Johnny Storm. Stephen is well known throughout Hollywood for his insane workout routines that give him that superhero build.

Clearly, he would be a perfect fit to the Fantastic Four member.

Marc Spector/Moon Knight

Image: Marvel Comics

If there is one thing that Oliver Queen is, it is that he is damaged. Then again, after spending 5 years in Hell anyone would be. Marc Specor aka ‘Marvel’s Batman’ would definitely fall into the ‘damaged’ category. Moon Knight is such a complicated and complex character that would require quite the precise casting. Stephen has definitely hit the nail on the head when it comes to that ‘dark and complex’ character, so why not let him give Moon Knight a go? Plus he gets a cape. Superheroes love capes.

Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider

Image: Marvel Comics

If there is one thing that Johnny has for sure, it is attitude. Then again, who wouldn’t have an attitude when you share a body with a demon (or fallen angel if you want to call it that) and you don’t exactly have a say when it choses to appear. Johnny is a tortured soul who lived a life of solitutde for as long as he could. Once again going back to the ‘solitude on Lian Yu’ theory, Stephen would have no problem portraying that damage character. Also, Oliver doesn’t take smack from anyone, and neither does Johnny.


What other superheroes would you like to see Stephen Amell play? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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One thought on “3 Superheroes we would love to see Stephen Amell Play

  1. What about red hood . Can’t really think about else but your choices are very good and if he did portray moon knight it would be nothing new cause the way smell kicks ass that would be nothing new. But the only thing that would be new is his suit and alias


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