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Starbucks Opens ‘Signing Store’ Supporting Deaf Community

Starbucks continues to do great things for the deaf community. On Tuesday, November 19, the coffee powerhouse opened its second store in Penang, posting to Facebook, “Our second Signing store in Penang is officially in motion and brewing! Penangites, sure the good news and enjoy a unique experience of our Starbucks Signing Store.”

Starbucks partnered with the Penang Deaf Association to make sure that the store is a success. This is the fourth Signing Store that Starbucks has opened. What is unique about these stores is that they are designed for the deaf community, including visual alarms, digital trays, and sales systems with displays.

There is also a Signing Store in Washington D.C., which is staffed entirely by employees who are fluent in American Sign Language.

Starbucks Opens 'Signing Store' Supporting Deaf Community

The locations also employee those that can hear but Starbucks is providing these employees with sign language training to help the communicate with other employees and customers.

We think it’s awesome what Starbucks is doing to reach, work with, and support the deaf community!

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