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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Puzzle is Decoded

If you have seen the movie a few times in the theatre (or 5 times like most of us) it’s no problem to see the little details in the movie. One of the particular details that the Internet has been overthinking is the inscription on Poe Dameron’s vest.

Ever been on Tumblr after midnight? Then, let me tell you right away that you should take a step in that direction. Someone who goes by the name of @youneedapilot has deciphered what is actually written on the vest.

It actually says ‘pull to inflate’ which you can find on any life vests in any commercial aircraft. It’s written in Aurebesh, which is a wommon written language in the Star Wars universe. It took this long to decode because it was written upside down and in an angle that a pilot in distress could read it.

THANK YOU for this Tumblr user to decipeer another mystery to us!



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