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‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Trailer for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Released

Today, the trailer for The Rise of Skywalker content coming to Star Wars: Battlefront II was released! After previously announcing this content along with the arrival of the game’s “Celebration Edition,” players have been greatly eager for more information regarding this exciting time for Battlefront II. The roughly 2 1/2 minute long trailer begins with what appears to be a sequel-era battle featuring fan-favorites Finn, Rey, Kylo Ren, and of course, BB-8. After that, words appear on the screen:

“Celebrate the saga”

You can say that again! During this exciting time in the Star Wars fandom, fans have been celebrating and paying tribute to all parts of the Skywalker Saga as the upcoming movie, The Rise of Skywalker, is being marketed as a conclusion. After that, the trailer gives fans a cinematic montage of all the different appearances for various heroes in the game. Check out the trailer from the EA Star Wars YouTube Channel below!

The update will consist of co op locations and characters being featured in co op and Capital Supremacy, along with new appearances for Rey The content from The Rise of Skywalker will arrive in an update to Star Wars: Battlefront II tomorrow on December 17th.

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