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Sony Accidentally Drops ‘Khali The Killer’ Movie Instead Of Trailer On YouTube

Internet spoilers are a serious problem nowadays. In fact, it’s such a huge problem lately that Facebook is actually instituting a new feature that will allow its users to block content containing certain keywords (like titles or actor’s names) in order to help lessen spoilers. There is no way to avoid spoilers, however, when a film studio accidentally uploads an entire feature film ahead of its release date. That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday morning with Sony’s film Khali the Killer.

In what appears to have been a massively huge mistake, the entire, full-length feature film version of Khali the Killer was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday morning instead of the film’s red band trailer. The over 90-minute film remained uploaded and totally viewable for free on YouTube for approximately eight hours before the mistake was caught and the video was removed.

According to Comic Book Resources, those who noticed the error immediately took to the comments section to chime in with hilariously entertaining jokes. One user commented, “Trailer gave the whole plot away. Pass.” Another chimed in by saying, “It’s just the trailer the whole movie will be 4 hours.” Some wondered if perhaps the uploaded film was a publicity stunt choreographed by the studio while others expressed their concern for the employee responsible for uploading the entire film instead of the trailer.

Directed by Jon Matthews, Khali the Killer stars Mayans MC’s Richard Cabral as the titular character. The film follows Khali, an East L.A. hitman who is forced to come out of retirement for one last job but ends up developing sympathy for his intended victims instead. While this is not a theatrically released film, it was previously released in Germany on Blu-ray and DVD last November and was expected to be released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment in the United States in August 2018.

Did the film studio upload the full-length film as part of a publicity stunt? What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.