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Sia’s New Music Video Features Zoe Saldana and Raises HIV Awareness

Some people in the entertainment industry are artists; from the way they use their craft to what they use it for, they’re always creating. One of those people is Sia and she strives to do something different and meaningful with her songs, videos, and her circumstance.

With videos like ‘The Greatest’ and ‘Chandelier’ just to name two – Sia’s vision for her music brought to life always blows the minds of viewers at home. Her videos don’t just stay with you through the duration of the song, they stay with you for much, much longer.

In her latest video for ‘Free Me’ she raises awareness for the #endHIV campaign that aims to promote a promising HIV drug. Not only is the video beautiful, it grabs your attention and takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. There is a time of joy followed by a time of sadness, followed by fear and loneliness, and then relief and joy once more.

The video also added a couple names to the list of people Sia has collaborated with. The main focus of the video is Zoe Saldana and the narration is done by Julianne Moore.

When you watch the video, you’re immediately compelled to visit the website and find out how you can get involved to help. Knowing that we’re on the brink of a medical discovery that could help those who are living with HIV is so important. Especially since years ago, it was a death sentence.

You can find out more about the campaign here and learn exactly what your donations will help provide and where the money goes to make the ‘promising solution’ to the pandemic a reality.

We are working on a promising solution to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and now want to turn that potential cure into a reality.

Donations have already started pouring in and Sia’s video is only going to help raise the necessary (and likely beyond that) amount needed to get the vaccine to FDA approval and then in a state to begin a clinical trial.

After you watch the new video, check out the web page and donate if you can. You can also purchase ‘See Me’ and Sia will send proceeds to the campaign.

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