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Selena Gomez Teases New Project with ‘Bad Liar’ Photos on Social Media

Fans of Selena Gomez know that ‘Bad Liar’ is coming on May 18th, what remains unclear is what exactly ‘Bad Liar’ is. Is it an album title? Is she releasing a new single, is it a project unrelated to music completely? With Selena, the possibilities are endless, she’s talented in far more than just one aspect of her professional life.

While fans enjoy 13 Reasons Why, which Selena produced as well as films and series’ that she’s acted in, the buzz around social media is that everyone is really hoping that ‘Bad Liar’ is a music project. Selena, with the exception of her guest vocals on ‘It Aint Me’, has been away from music since 2015 when she announced that she was taking a break due to depression and anxiety issues.

When she took her break, she was on tour, which left some fans upset; however, her fanbase is one of the most supportive that there is. She’s been open about her struggles in the past with everything from depression and anxiety to lupus, and her fans have done nothing but encourage her to put her health and wellbeing first.

If she is putting out new music, there’s no better time for a project than now. She’s successfully produced 13 Reasons Why, which is getting a second season, a project she’s wanted to be part of for years and she’s got a bit of free time before filming starts once more. She’s also been getting comfortable again in the public eye as far as appearances and interviews go.

Are you looking forward to the reveal of Selena’s latest project? Let us know.


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