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Selena Gomez Debuts new Single ‘Bad Liar’

Published on May 19th, 2017 | Updated on May 19th, 2017 | By FanFest

Selena Gomez just made her return to music after taking some time off to get her mental health in order. She was open about her struggles with that and with lupus and her fans were totally supportive of her decision. She had to cut her tour short but for the sake of her health, it was a non-issue.

Selena has been making more public appearances lately, she produced a Netflix series based on a book she loves, 13 Reasons Why, and she has been featured on the popular ‘It Ain’t Me’. Now, Selena is getting back to work with her own single ‘Bad Liar’ which she teased on social media for days before it’s release.

The song is incredible, catchy, and it’s already a fan favorite. It was the perfect song for Selena to release right now and it really shows off some of her vocal range. Selena wasn’t alone in writing the song, she worked with Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter and they actually had a really cool experience while writing it.

Justin Tranter spoke with Variety about both Selena Gomez and Julia Michael’s being big Talking Heads fans. So much so that Julia suggested they wrote over the baseline of ‘Psycho Killer’ and they ran with that idea.

They also ran that idea by David Byrne, who loved the tune and approved it. Not only does Selena have this amazing song now, but she got the okay on it from someone she’s idolized in her career. That’s an awesome moment.

Justin went on to say

The lyrics are really cool and descriptive about when you first start having feelings for someone but don’t want to admit it, which turns you into a Bad Liar.’

Well, haven’t we all been there?

If you’ve not yet heard the song, you can hear it below. We’re hoping Selena has a video for the tune out soon.


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