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See the Terrifying ‘Happy Death Day’ Film Trailer

‘So I’m supposed to keep dying until I find out who my killer is?’

There are some days in our lives that we’d love to live over and over again, some days we’d like to revisit from time to time and some days that we’d be absolutely fine with…well…simply forgetting about them completely.

There have been both films and television about living the same day more than once, and while sometimes those days aren’t the best, they’re definitely not as terrible as the day a girl relives in the new film Happy Death Day.

In Happy Death Day, a student, Tree Gelbman wakes up on her birthday and with a few bumps in the road, gets ready for a party that night, however, it ends up being the last night of her life.

Or at least, it should have been. What actually ends up happening is that she wakes up the next morning, but it’s her birthday again, and everything happens the exact same way. This happens again, and Tree knows something is wrong. The trailer then shows her trying to reach out to someone…anyone…for help, trying to lock herself in her room to avoid the killer, and being killed in other ways after her efforts fail. This proves that she can’t escape her fate.

However, after a conversation with a friend, they discover that maybe she’s supposed to figure out who the killer’s identity is. She begins to dig around to discover her murderer and the film is based on that journey.

The Blumhouse film Happy Death Day will premiere this October, but not just on any ordinary weekend. The exact release date is Friday the 13th, so if the idea of the film wasn’t spooky enough, watching it on a ‘haunted evening’ should do the trick.

Will you be seeing the film when it debuts? Do you think you could find out who the killer is before Tree does? Let us know.

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