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Sebastian Stan on the Possibility of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Joining the MCU

When rumors started swirling that Disney would be buying Fox, fans couldn’t help but wonder what crossovers or character partnerships would be possible within the comic realm of entertainment.

After a panel at an Arizona convention this weekend, we learned that fans weren’t the only ones who had those gears immediately start turning. Sebastian Stan spoke of Hugh Jackman and how an encounter between the two brought up that exact topic of conversation. Honestly, how could it not?

Stan found himself sitting next to Hugh Jackman recently, and he brought up seeing him soon in terms of Wolverine and the MCU.

Recently I happened to be sitting next to Hugh Jackman, I didn’t know what other awkward thing I could talk about but to be like, ‘Am I going to see you soon?’ I don’t know. But he said a couple of things to me and I’ll just leave it at that. Otherwise, I feel like I’m going to get into trouble with somebody.’

He went on to explain why he asked, and we have to admit, we’d have done the same thing. We’re curious too.

‘I asked him though because I kept thinking whether or not Logan was supposed to be the last Wolverine thing or whatever and he said to me he’s been thinking about it and it’s been on his mind. So, I don’t know, he may be.’

Now, our imaginations can wander and we can ask, why would Stan get in trouble if he didn’t have information to hide, but that could go both ways. Of course, he doesn’t want to confirm something only in the works and give away an awesome secret. However, a denial is also a confirmation, even if it is a less exciting one.

For now, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.


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