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Season Two: Fear The Walking Dead v The Walking Dead. Where are you in your journey?

Second season, three
episodes in, and where are you on your journey
with AMC’s Fear The
Walking Dead

Me? I’m
struggling. I’m
sticking with it, but I’m struggling.

There was a
point, down on the
farm, in
Season 2 of The Walking Dead where I remember having a
time with the show and wondering
where it was headed. But this just
feels different. In fact, it’s vastly

In Season 2 of
Walking Dead
, I was intrigued by nearly all of the characters.
There were
a lot of unknowns
and the variety/diversity of the characters helped viewers to
find a
character that they identified with.
Yes, time on the farm started to
become monotonous at times, but the stories
were compelling and the
was evident. Also, Season 2 had Shane.

Currently, in Season 2 of
Fear The Walking Dead, I

don’t identify with any of the characters. Here’s a question to ask

yourself: Which character would
you want to have a beer with? Remember,
you’re paying and it requires you
to go through a bit of effort to
get to
there. For me, there’s no one. Tobias may have been the most
character… and he’s
gone. Alex, who appeared in last week’s episode,
“Ouroboros”, was
extremely interesting… and she’s

In addition to
the unidentifiable character, the stories
aren’t compelling. Yes, there is

some intrigue into the overall question of what will happen to the group,
the individual stories are
lacking. In fact, there’s a nauseating theme of
being mysterious for the
sake of being mysterious. (And
don’t get me started
how Fear was supposed to show us the start of
the zombie apocalypse and

then decided to skip that part.)

This past Sunday, I didn’t watch

something with “The Walking
Dead” in the title when it originally aired. I
recorded it. I also didn’t
watch it until Tuesday. And, I
lived. And, I may
have even fast-forwarded through some

Fear The Walking Dead

just isn’t my The Walking Dead, and that’s okay. Right? I

certainly think so and it doesn’t mean
that I’ve got to enjoy both. But I
want so badly to enjoy both. I want
and hope that Fear
improves and
that it builds amazing momentum.

Where are you on
your journey with



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