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Last night’s episode finally

delivered , somewhat, of what I have been waiting to see since last
finale. Who the hell is
this Strand character and why is he such a dick? Fear The Walking
also answered: “Who is Strand
meeting?” and “Who is Jack?” And no

we are not talking about Jack Dawson. ‘Blood in the Streets’ was the 4th

episode of the second season
and at least for me, it did not

We start out the episode
with Nick (Frank Dillane)
to shore and naked I might add. Anyway, at first, I’m sure we are
all thinking.
‘What is he
running from or to?’ He notices a helicopter fly overhead and the
pans out to a shot where we see a
wall and on the other side is another
boat. There are other people! Nick
gets dressed, why?, and begins
through the abandoned tent city or was it abandoned? I mean that is
a whole lot
of tents. Where
is everybody and if they are all dead, where are all the
infected? He comes
across one lone infected and
lures it towards one of the
tents where he puts it down and proceeds to
slice it open and drench himself in

guts. One smart junkie. But why? We find out later.

Back on the
Travis (Cliff Curtis) and
Madison (Kim Dickens) are discussing what happened
with Alex and Jake.
Travis seems to be taking the blame
even though he was not
the one who cut the rope. He tries to sway Madison
into believing that they can

survive without Strand (Coleman Domingo) but she’s not going for it. She
up changing his mind,
quite easily, by stating that they need him to get into
Mexico and she wants
to do more than “just survive.”
She wants to start

While this is going down below deck, Chris
(Lorenzo James Henrie)
Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) are having a bonding moment. Chris asks if she has

ever been to Mexico and she
answers no. She tells him that her parents put
everything into their shop
and she in turned gave them
everything as well. He
also asks if she has done everything for herself,
meaning relationships and they

awkwardly smile at one another. (I think he has a crush on her) They both
to each having
relationships and Ofelia reassures him that not to worry, there
are other
girls left out there.

when things were getting all cute
and cuddly, Chris notices a raft with
three people approaching the yacht.
asks “should I shoot?” I yell “YES!” at the screen but I don’t think he
me. They force their
way onto the yacht claiming the pregnant woman is in
distress. The commotion
wakes a sleeping Alicia (Alycia
Debnam-Carey) who slowly
makes her way to the upper deck. She realizes, by
the voice, that it is in fact

‘Jack’, the guy that she had been communicating with. Remember that he
her that he would see her
soon? Yeah…first clue dumbass! When she calls his
name everyone becomes
distracted and Daniel (Ruben
Blades) asks ‘What did you
do?’ At this moment, the pirates, Reed, Vanessa
and Jack aka Kip (Jesse

McCartney, Veronica Diaz and Daniel Zavatto) overtake our core characters
hold them hostage. Where is

apparently hears what’s going on and
goes straight for his
hidden shotgun which was rendered useless after a
paranoid Daniel takes the

clip…UGH! So what does he decide to do? That’s right! It’s every man for

himself at this point. That
didn’t want to listen to him so there you go. He
secretly escapes on raft
but is seen. Jack attempts to
shoot but can’t so Reed
decides to take care of what he can’t. He shoots
twice and we see Strand go

down after the first shot but did he actually get shot or did he just duck?
second shot however hits
the raft and Jack asks “Did you get him?” Reed responds
that if he didn’t
the hypothermia will.

asks about the keys to
start the yacht to which Ofelia tells him that the
guy they shot in the raft,
captain?, he had the keys. Travis confirms this but tells Reed that he can

start the boat without the

Throughout the episode we flashback and
find out a little about
Strand’s backstory. We find him
sitting at a bar
talking to a very attractive gentleman. Strand tells him
that he is basically
We come to find out that this man is a real estate developer named
Abigail…Yes Abigail as in Abigail
the Yacht! And we thought it was a
girl. So, Strand takes a drunken Abigail
back to his room to sober up.
Takes his
coat off and looks through his wallet deciding to take Abigail’s
credit cards.
drunkenly tells him maybe he won’t remember and Strand leaves. We come

across Strand some time later in a
luxury hotel room when there’s a knock at
the door. It’s Abigail and his
friend Luis Flores. They speak
about how Strand
stole $36,000 from Abigail and Strand thanks him for not
calling the police.
informs Strand that he will pay him back and Strand responds that he

intended to all along and with interest.
Abigail tells him to meet him at the
bar and also tells him that he has
‘obligated’ Strand.

We see
relationship develop over the course of the episode and realize that
Abigail, in
fact, cares and
has deep feelings for Strand BUT does Strand feel the same or is
opportunistic ways coming out but acting
as though he also has feelings to
get what he wants. I guess we have to wait
and see on that one. We see them

passionately kiss when Strand is about to leave for Los Angeles and Abigail

tries to convince him not to
go. “There has been an outbreak and people are
dying”. Abigail tells Strand
that he won’t see HIS
(Strand’s) ‘Blood on the
Streets’. Strand reassures him that he will be
back in two days. Isn’t it just

like a man to never keep his word?

Meanwhile, as stated earlier, the
reason why Nick
swims to shore
is because Strand has sent him to meet up with Luis and bring him
back to
the yacht so they can enter Mexico.
Luis informs Nick that it was never
intended for there to be more people
entering Mexico and that he only had
for himself and Strand…decisions decisions.

Back on the
yacht, it is
the next morning and
Travis is still trying to start the boat. While in the
engine room, he hides
a crowbar in the sleeve of his
jacket a la Carol Peletier,
which will come in handy later. Up on deck,
Madison decides that they can take

them since there are only three of them and Daniel tries to unbind his hands

while he tells Madison to
distract Vanessa asking her about her pregnancy and
trying to scare her into
believing that maybe the baby is
dead and has in fact
turned inside of her.

Alicia is with Jack trying
to get a hold of Connor

(Mark Kelley) who seems to be the leader of the group. She makes a deal with

Jack that she will leave and
be with him if he does what he can to save her
family. He says that Connor
listens to him. He unbinds her
hands and she hugs
him. She better be manipulating him.

Vanessa isn’t falling for
tactics, or is she?
Travis has already started the yacht but in comes Connor
with Red (Sarah
McCreanor) and Ben (Josh Wingate)!
Reed returns with Travis and
tells Connor that Travis was the one who
started the yacht. Connor orders Travis

and Alicia to go with them to the protest of our group. They leave with
and Alicia but leave
behind Red and Ben.

Nick and Luis are coming up fast
and Nick
realizes, through binoculars, that there
are people on the yacht that
are not supposed to be there. Luis takes a look
and asks if the redhead is one

of their own and Nick tells him that NO ONE that is armed is from their
Red and Ben see them
coming up and get ready for what may happen but are both
shot in the head by

Reed is
by what just happened and is attacked by our group. Madison stabs
impaling him, with the crowbar that
Travis left behind a cushion. Daniel
arms everyone with guns and Nick and
Luis come aboard. Not knowing who
he is,
Daniel is ready to shoot Luis but Nick stops him telling him that he
is a
friend. Luis asks for
the whereabouts of Strand and they inform him that he
tried to flee but was
shot at and went down. Luis then
tells the group that no
one will be going to Mexico without

Strand has been floating

around all this time but barely hanging on. Madison comes with the raft and

pulls him out of the water to

WOW…I can honestly say that I
really enjoyed this episode.
I hope it keeps going uphill from
this point on.
With it’s character building and slow episodes I wasn’t
sure if I was going to
watching but I know I am now. Let’s remember that the original was off
to a
slow start as well. I mean a
WHOLE season on a farm and hardly any action
until the last few episodes of
season two? But look at all of us
now. We can’t
wait for season 7 to begin so hopefully it will be the same

See you
all next week…Same infected time…Same infected

205 of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’
premieres Sunday, May
8, 2016.


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  1. Good recap
    except Strands gun is not a
    shotgun. More like a semi-automatic


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