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Ryan Murphy Spills Secrets from ‘American Horror Story: Cult’

Since Ryan Murphy first began talking about American Horror Story‘s latest season, we’ve been incredibly excited. In February, he said that the series would be about the presidential election and fans immediately wondered what route he would take.

Would we see characters take on their own versions of Trump and Clinton? Would Murphy focus on before or after it was announced that Trump won the election? Would it be about the politicians or about the people?

Not long ago, we learned this season would be AHS: Cult and with promo involving a lot of bees and scary clowns, we were already feeling very spooked. However, nothing prepared us for watching the first trailer, released just days ago, or discovering the plot. Yes, it is about the election, but in a twisted and personal way. It’s less about Trump and Clinton and more about those who were either crushed or elated with the results. Two characters specifically will be focused upon, and their stories intertwine in a terrifying way, one riddled with fear and cult mentalities.

However, that’s only a bit of information from a minute long trailer; so we are anticipating many other story lines woven in as well.

Ryan Murphy recently shared some secrets about AHS: Cult and his first statement reminded us that Murphy is complex, as are the AHS seasons.

People have the wrong idea already about what it’s going to be. I’m an out gay man and had the president of the United States at my house twice. I’ve always campaigned on the Democratic side. So I think people, when they see what this is going to be about, they presume. But it really is not about them. I hope people can figure it out.’

He also revealed that Evan Peters – a fan favorite – has a character that goes deeper than what we saw in the teaser trailer. He feels that this is the performance of Peters’ career. He says that the role is one the series is hinged upon. Peters helps answer an important question.

We really examine how those people rise to power and why did people follow them.

Murphy also shared that his own feelings of anxiety played a part in Twisty’s return to AHS.

Everything is on high alert now and it was a way to write about a growing sense of anxiety in the culture. I don’t feel particularly calm. I don’t think anybody does, to be honest… It was cathartic to write about it, but I’m still drinking rosé.

Also, the reasons for those bees? ‘Bees are the original cult,’ Murphy said.

Are you looking forward to American Horror Story: Cult? What are you most hoping to see this season? Let us know.