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Robert Kirkman’s Letter to ‘The Walking Dead’ Fans

Robert Kirkman is known to address fan questions and concerns at the end of issues of ‘The Walking Dead’ comic books. In the “letter hack” at the end of issue #154, Led to Slaughter, which came out today, Kirkman addressed the season six finale of the TV show.

He begins the letter with the understatement of the century!

“Okay, the season six finale has certainly caused a fervor online. EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. Some people love it. Some people are indifferent. Some people HATE it. We weren’t trying to game the audience, we weren’t trying to drive you crazy, and we certainly weren’t trying to FORCE you to come back for season seven… we hope you were always planning on doing that and still plan on doing that. We did want you to talk.” – Kirkman writes.

And talk we are! The anticlimactic finale aired almost exactly a month ago and the conversations are still going strong.

But Kirkman is in an awkward position. He has to defend the show but in Issue #100 of the comic series, he shows who gets the brunt of
the barbed wire baseball bat attack… Glenn. (Honestly if you didn’t know that happened by now, I don’t know what to tell you…) But there was NO CLIFFHANGER.

His singular vision was not one of a cliffhanger, but together the team came up with the idea.

Here is Kirkman’s letter in entirety.

There are only 5 months left before the big reveal, we can make it! And Robert Kirkman’s got our back!

6 thoughts on “Robert Kirkman’s Letter to ‘The Walking Dead’ Fans

  1. I admit at first I was annoyed,
    but after watching again &

    after listening to Kirkman & Gimple on Talking Dead, I totally got why
    did it that way. Now,
    I’m just praying it isn’t certain characters I love the
    most & as, he
    says, I do have a few months now
    to live in hope.

    it is, I’ll be upset, but I doubt I’ll be as
    upset & angry as I still am

    that they killed my darling ‘Bud’ played Christopher Berry after mid-
    cliff-hanger. Thta was
    probably the best 6 min performance I have ever seen on
    TWD & he really
    should have become a cast

    Kirkman & Gimple
    should bring Christopher Berry back as a
    member of the Kingdom playing
    twin brother an dhave him seek revenge on Daryl, LOL

    At the very
    FanFest,must invite him
    to some events – primarily Walker Stalker London

  2. this is just Kirkman trying to
    wriggle out of the mess he, Gimp

    and the lazy writers created. they know that it backfired and are doing all
    can to salvage the
    show..too little, too late, neck beard. just admit the
    writers dont know
    what the f*** they are doing and
    have run out of ideas. its
    better to put the show out of its misery now than
    to drag it on and on until its

    an embarrassment.

  3. I don’t
    blame kirkman. I blame the lazy
    writer’s!! Why rush negan?! I
    think JDM was a
    fabulous casting, but with that being said…JDM was doing
    another show! And
    shave or bulk up a bit!! Honestly there were saviors bigger then him.
    going to quote someone ” while JDM
    was a awesome choice, he looked like a
    crack head negan” lmfao. Now I
    wouldn’t go that far..JDM is a sexy
    ass man! I
    think the build up to negan was scary ass shit.. Fade to black
    with negans voice
    saying ” hi,
    I’m negan” fade to black..let the summer be filled of discussion
    of Negan!
    Honestly I know someone’s
    getting a date with Lucille! Give JDM a
    chance to bulk up and shave!! Now
    I’m loving a mans beard and JDM is
    so much
    more sexy with his beard! But not doing negan..I loved how they
    stayed true to
    his introduction/
    entry in comic’s. But we were also told it will be
    uncensored.. Lie ..but
    hey when it comes out on blue Ray
    you can BUY IT!! AMC
    greed is on the virtue of loosing very loyal fans!!
    Cannot do a do over now!!


  4. I agree
    with you they f* cked up big time
    ..lazy writing for sure. Felt
    like they rushed
    negan epic fail

  5. I thought the
    finale was amazing. All
    shows end the season with a
    cliffhanger. Deal with it.

  6. Unfortunately it
    was neither FUN nor was
    it cool, it was a cheap cop out,
    and honestly, I am not
    thinking about it anymore. October will come and I
    will watch the show like I

    always did, on the net, whether it will be the airing day or three weeks
    The worst he can get from
    us Fans is that we stop caring and let him have his
    cheap fun with his badly
    placed cliffhangers, all of
    season 6 was a rotten
    crapfeast, I hope the 7th seasons gets better, because
    having to watch hours of

    cheap and shallow fillers (aka couples popping up everywhere) is turning a
    that was great to watch
    into an embarrassing soap-opera.

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