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Let’s Talk ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale

Published on April 5th, 2016 | Updated on May 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

Okay, let’s talk about what went down Sunday night on The Walking Dead.

Nobody is happy it seems, and understandably so. We were introduced to Negan and although he did brutally smash somebody’s head in with his barbed wire bat named Lucille, we don’t know who it was.

Let’s backtrack to the first half of the episode. I thought it was brilliant! The Eugene and Abraham scenes were actually heart- wrenching, especially if they convinced you that one of them was about to be a goner. That music-the same

music that has punched us right in the stomach before the deaths of previous characters we’ve loved was probably to blame for my tears.

The group being continuously cornered and having to turn back really did create this sense of hopelessness. It made me tear up to see the group that helpless. Rick saying “turn around, let’s go back, let’s retreat” Is never a good thing to hear. Quite scary. That part of it really was powerful.

And when Negan had every single one of them them kneel down, that is probably the most
hopeless we’ve ever seen them. Aside from Carol and Morgan, (who are in no shape to even barely walk) there’s nobody removed to swoop in and save them. That’s it!

Now in most cases, all of us fans would be like “WHY DO WE HAVE TO WAIT 6 MONTHS TO KNOW WHO DIES?” But you know what? Nobody is even saying that.

We wanted to see the death, bottom line. The 6 months won’t make a difference, and this time around may even dampen our need to know who it was. The hype was too crazy for that to be what we were left with.

I know that AMC chose to tell the story this way, but it
doesn’t make all that much sense to me.

We were already put on a mid season cliffhanger with Glenn’s death the first time. (I think it will end up being him again this time.) Part of me says, okay, Glenn deserves a great death. This is not a great death, it’s just a drawn out death. I just wish my tears that flowed up until the final blow were worth it. (I’m sure they were but we don’t know for sure, Negan could have smashed a watermelon). I could have been crying over a watermelon.

This leads me to also say that it doesn’t seem that The Walking Dead itself doesn’t even know who it actually killed! Chandler tweeted this the other day:

This is a show that means a lot to a lot of people, I just hope that in 6 months, everyone has forgotten their woes and this all gets cleared up!

What did you think of the finale?


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85 thoughts on “Let’s Talk ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale

  1. i dont think its glenn, based on
    them saying that they were taking
    huge left turn from the comics. my guesses were maggie and eugene. im
    that on andrew lincoln and
    lauren cohan saying that it was gut wrenching and and
    it made it hard to
    film the episode. which would cover
    the hard left turn and
    gut wrenching, because negan doesnt kill women and
    maggie is a woman and
    but they said there were clues in the episode, and the clues i could
    pointed to eugene. unless the hard
    left was Denise taking the arrow instead
    of abraham. in which case then it
    would be glenn. damn them for
    everything so hard to figure out lol

  2. hmm, didnt think about that. so,
    as far as eugene, the ammo thing

    like you said, the fact that he told rick he would be his anchorman, the
    that negan said taking it
    like a champ and it was a baseball bat, all of those
    are sports references,
    and negan wants loyalty, and if
    they could beat of of him
    where the rest of them were going, then he wouldnt
    want someone like that

    around. weak. and disloyal.

  3. oh, and he was the only one who
    from the way they were facing
    have the rv behind negan. and it looked like negan took a big step at
    the end to
    get to the person
    he bashed.

  4. i agree with the not that
    traumatic part, but the clues fit. my

    money is still on eugene or maggie

  5. they may not have a choice lol or
    i could be totally off base and

    they all lied and its glenn lol


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