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Robert Kirkman on Possible ‘Walking Dead’ Style ‘Infinity War’ Cliffhanger

For fans of the MCU, interviews about Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 are at the forefront of everything right now. From fantastic interview clips to articles that make us both excited and incredibly nervous – we’re soaking in everything Marvel Studios can give us before we see the film.

One point that has really been hit home for fans is that Avengers 4 and Infinity War are two separate films. They have two very different stories, according to the Russo brothers, and while they’re connected, that separation will be evident.

However, others within the MCU have hinted that fans may need to buckle up for a cliffhanger ending at the conclusion of Infinity War. We aren’t reading much into it, waiting instead to find out for ourselves. However, Robert Kirkman saw the idea on social media and had a hilarious reaction to it.

If Kirkman is anything like us, he’s stuck between finally coming to terms with the fact that an end is coming with Infinity War (and we might not love it) and hoping for a cliffhanger if it’s the lives of our favorite heroes that hang in the balance.

At least we’ll have 12 months of hoping it ends differently than it did for Glenn and Abraham.

Too soon?

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th.