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Marvel Crush Monday: Iron Man

Published on April 9th, 2018 | Updated on April 9th, 2018 | By FanFest

As fans celebrate 10 years of the MCU, it’s impossible to look at what’s been born without paying homage to Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. The film was the first of what would grow to be one of the most popular icons of pop culture and something that enveloped fans across the world.

Iron Man is a hero you might be programmed to dislike, originally, but there’s a side to him that stands out above the overconfidence. His charisma and charm shine and have made him an absolute fan favorite.

So this week, we’re celebrating the film that started it all with the hero that serves as the glue within the Avengers.

Who? Tony Stark

Iron Man is one of the pillars of the Avengers. He’s a man with a complicated past and some battle wounds that shaped him but not into something terrible. It was a tragic past type of backstory that set him up to grow into someone bigger than he ever thought possible.


He’s turned into the character you’re rooting for, the one you want to see get his happy ending. He’s been through a lot, and yeah, he’s not always recovered from it with a shining sense of self. However, he’s always realized a deeper sense of what’s important. Even if it doesn’t come at the moment you wish that it would.

It’s not just the character, it’s what Robert Downey Jr. brings to the role. Stan Lee knew from the beginning that Downey was born to play the role, even if fans were hesitant at first. That being said, it took no time for audiences to be convinced that he was fit for the part.

We’ve seen him grow for some time, taking on new responsibilities but our hearts grew even more fond of him when he bonded with Spider-Man. That role of ‘fatherhood’ fits him and, although Downey’s contract with the MCU is up after these next two films, has us hoping he’ll stick around a bit longer.

There are still layers of Stark to uncover, and it’s the mystery as to what’s behind him that keeps fans so invested.

You can see Tony Stark try to defeat Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War on April 27th.


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