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Robert Downey Jr on ‘Infinity War’ and his Iron Man Future

There is a lot to think about as fans anticipate the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War. With new interview snippets being constantly released and a trailer you can’t see enough of, we’re just soaking it all in.

We’re also sort of avoiding the fact that within the next two films, we’re going to lose some heroes. In what context, we’re not sure, but it’s a looming thought. There are actors who have said their time is almost up and others who still have a number of films to star in.

So when Robert Downey Jr gave an interview about Infinity War and his future as Iron Man, his answer is just what we expected.

Downey says he learned from his wife that you can’t stay in your head about the future. You won’t know what happens until you get there.

‘That takes a lot of the edge off. She’s learned how to be like, ‘You won’t know until you’re there, so you’re wasting your time on that equation. That’s not on the test.’

He went on to say that he could imagine a lot of situations for Iron Man next, even joking about staying in until he’s getting carried out of the place.

‘I could project all kinds of stuff. I could get into the black dog. Whatever you want…or I could stay, spiking it in the end zone until I have to be carried off. I’m looking forward to whatever resolution is in the cards.’

Fans will remember that Downey says he doesn’t want to wear out his welcome as the hero. While it’s hard to imagine that happening, we get what he’s saying. Sometimes, it’s best to let a great thing be a great thing for a while than to keep it going forever.

Still, the thought of Downey hanging up the Iron Man persona is a hard pill to swallow.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th.