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Pollyanna McIntosh on The Walking Dead ‘The Whisperers’ Theory

If you were at Walker Stalker this past weekend, you probably saw Pollyanna McIntosh meeting lots of fans at her first convention with us. While it may be strange to think of Jadis as having many fans within The Walking Dead Family, she definitely made an impression on viewers and it was one that wasn’t as negative as many may have expected.

Much like Negan, she seems to be a villain with a backstory, she’s not on the level of ‘most hated character’ by any means, but she did totally betray Rick and the group that we’ve grown to love and her big reason why? They had more stuff…she saw an opportunity and went for it, just like she had when she met Rick’s group.

During the apocalypse, you sort of can’t blame people for being opportunistic, but it certainly isn’t fun to see our favorite characters get all but annihilated because of the selfishness of others. So, at the end of season 7, we were on the fence about Jadis, but we have to admit, we were still intrigued by who she is, and who she may become as the series continues.

Especially since she’s been bumped up to a regular character this next season.

Jadis talked to at our convention and she gave a vague response to the theory that she may be part of The Whisperers.

In fact, many fans thought that, upon first glance, Jadis and her group were The Whisperers, but they turned out to be a different group, at least to the best of our knowledge. They’re scavengers, but they’re also still very…well…undiscovered? Pollyanna had this to say about the theory.

I think, you know, in a very diplomatic, politician type of way, I can say I think anything is possible in this universe we’re inhabiting right now and that’s one of the really strong points of the show because I’m not gonna tell you anything!

We all know that The Walking Dead is a show that quite possibly won’t end until it absolutely has to, so it may be some time before we find out if Jadis actually does end up being the leader of The Whisperers, but for now, she’s enjoying the character and what we know of her. She also said that her welcome at the first convention was very warm.

They’ve been very warm. They’ve been very creative. They’ve been bringing me dolls and gifts and they’ve been bringing they’re kids to meet me. I’m honestly just overwhelmed and it’s very emotional and sweet. They seem to be able to separate Jadis the b—-, excuse me, that they scream at the TV about from me who brings her to life but is quite nice, really.

What do you think about the theory? Are you on the fence? Let us know.

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