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‘The Walking Dead’: Pollyanna McIntosh says Jadis “Has allegiance to her people.”

Published on October 1st, 2017 | Updated on October 2nd, 2017 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead‘s 8th season is 21 days away and our excitement for the premiere is growing by the moment. In fact, we think this is the most excited about a season opener that we’ve ever been. Not only do we get to see three groups we love combining to take Negan down – we get to explore the personalities of new characters, even if they haven’t immediately been fan favorites.

One of those characters is Jadis and at first, we weren’t sure what to make of her but when she betrayed Rick, we’d had enough. However, as the episode progressed, her true colors were brought to the light again and honestly, it’s what we should have expected from the start. No matter who she ‘partners with’ – they aren’t as important as her people, her allegiance with them.

Pollyanna McIntosh recently spoke with EW about why Jadis made the decisions she made last season and what we can expect from her, and the series, when it returns.

When asked if Jadis truly has allegiance to someone, her response was everything at the heart of who she truly is. Though it may not seem like it, she’s loyal, just where it counts.

‘It’s all about securing the best deal. Jadis has allegiance to her people and her people first and that’s really all the allegiance she needs. You know the whole we take, we don’t bother. The whole kind of not really being seen like when Tamiel took Brother Gabriel and she’s in her hood and she’s sneaking in the shadows. I like the fact that Rick’s group, and especially Rick, wants to imagine the best, and what has been fun is seeing a lot of fans coming up and saying, “I didn’t see it coming.” That was really encouraging, so I hope that we continue where you don’t really know what she’s going to do and you’re always surprised by her twists and turns.’

She also said Jadis has no respect for Negan, and that she believes it’s obvious that he harbors none for her as well.

‘She certainly doesn’t have respect and allegiance to Negan. I think that was pretty clear in the season finale the way that their conversation went down — that she doesn’t, nor does he frankly, have any respect for her as far as the way he was talking about her and her group. So I think definitely out of the two she recognizes Rick’s potential and that group’s potential and she’s seen what Rick can do, and she sees how cohesive they are. So I’d like to think there’s a chance for them to work together in the future. But she really is going to do what’s best for her group and that’s it. It’s not going to be about feelings. It’s going to be about effectiveness.’

On the other hand, Jadis does have respect for Rick, but it takes more than respect to survive. He also intrigues her, and there’s more fun to be had between her and Rick and Michonne as well. The dynamic will be further explored.

I definitely think she has respect for him, though respect is not lives saved necessarily, but I think he’s still intriguing to her. It really depends on what move he makes from this point forward, what move she then makes. She’s always watching and listening to figure out the way that people work. That’s what throwing him down in the pit with Winslow was about. She was still overseeing that situation with Negan and Rick when Negan was threatening to kill Carl and she was watching the measure of the man then. So she’s got new information since they last made a deal. I think she’s not only smart about getting the best deal for her people but she also enjoys the interplay with Rick. I think that was evident with the whole how about I lay with you after? And I love the fact that she went to Michonne about it. As if Michonne could just trade him to her the way that she does with people. There’s a bit more fun to be had there for sure.

She also said season 8 was going to be wild, action packed, and fast paced. She’s as ready as we are to see the characters we love grow through new situations and trials.

The Walking Dead returns on a October 22nd on AMC.


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