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Pokemon Go Easter/ Egg-stravaganza Event Drastically Changes 2km Eggs

The Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza Event is upon us and as we reported earlier today there’s quite a lot to be “Egg-cited” for!

  • Double XP
  • Lucky eggs now 50% Off at the Store
  • All Egg hatches earn additional Candy
  • 2km Eggs will release a wider variety of Pokemon

Many might think that the Double XP and 50% Off for Lucky Eggs are the only ‘Egg-celent” things about this event. Well perhaps these new details might change your tune. Niantic wasn’t kidding about surprise 2km egg hatches for this event as ‘Egg-ceptionally’ rare Pokemon have begun hatching from newly acquired eggs. How rare?

Aerodactyl, Lapras, Lavitar, Tyrogue and plenty of other 10km Pokemon are now hatching from 2km eggs. Though it’s not just these rare Pokemon that are spawning important but also other rare Pokemon like Onix, Scyther and Grimer. Plus paired with the increased Candy drop, this is a sure fire way to help complete your Pokedex with some of the hardest to evolve Pokemon.

Full List of 2km Hatches courtesy of Silph Road

Aerodactyl Dunsparce Eevee Elekid
Girafarig Grimer Growlithe Kofffing
Lapras Lavitar Magby Miltank
Onix Phanphy Rhyhorn Scyther
Shellder Shuckle Skarmory Smoochum
Sneasel Stantler Sudowoodo Tangela
Tyrogue Wobbuffet  Wooper

IMPORTANT: ‘Egg-stensive’ studies on Silph Road have proved that the Pokemon that hatches from an egg is determined from the moment you pick it up. This means that only the eggs picked up between today and April 20, 2017 at 1:00 P.M. PDT will contain these Pokemon.

So happy hunting and I promise to never use an ‘Egg’ pun again!