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‘Pokemon Go’ Celebrates with Jirachi, Shiny Regionals & Gen 5

Published on August 21st, 2019 | Updated on August 21st, 2019 | By FanFest

Over the past few months, ‘Pokemon Go’ held monthly Global Challenges for each of its teams. Initially, each challenge would result in unlocking a week of bonuses as well as a special Shiny Raid days for the 3 Legendary Beasts. Fast forward to today, and the community has completed every challenge. So now what? Niantic originally teased that if we completed every challenge, we’d unlock a secret ‘Ultra’ Reward. But what exactly does this Ultra Reward entail?

Short version: We’re getting 3 separate weeks of bonuses, multiple new Shiny Pokemon, Regionals from 7km Eggs, base Raid Deoxys forms, Shiny Mewtwo Raids, the release of Jirachi and a preview of Gen 5.

Long Version: (everything that follows)

Available Now:

If you open up your app, you’ll notice that Professor Willow will have a new Special Research quest for you. This quest will culminate in you being able to capture the ‘wish Pokemon’ Jirachi. After capture, you’ll even be able to get a cool in-game shirt for your avatar. Though like we all other Special Research tasks, there’s a few specific tasks that are sure to take you a little while to complete. This time, they are: (1) Evolve a Feebas, which requires walking 20 km with it in addition to candies. (2) Take a Snapshot of a Loudred (3) Catch 50 Psychic- or Steel-Type Pokemon.

Week 1: Johto Journey (September 2 – September 9)

If you missed those previously mentioned Shiny Raid days, fear not! Raikou, Entei and Suicune and will be returning to Raids so you have another chance to encounter their Shiny forms! Additionall, 10km eggs obtained during this event will be able to hatch Unowns U, L, T, R, A. If you don’t care for completing your Unown Dex, this might not appeal to you as much. The highlight this week is definitely another chance at the Shiny Legendary Beasts. Though they’re not the only shinys you’ll be hunting for as Shiny Sentret and Gligar are also being released!

Week 2: Global Challenge, Global Hatches (September 9 – September 16)

Last year, Pokemon Go gave us an event where 7km eggs had a chance of hatching the original regional Pokemon (Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Tauros). Well that bonus is returning for Week 2; but this time those Regionals also have a chance to be Shiny. It’s important to note that as of the moment, it’s unknown whether or not these Shiny Regionals will become available in the wild after this event. As for the Raid component for this week, Deoxys – a previous EX Raid only Pokemon – will make its first appearance in regular Raids. Each of its four forms will be encounter-able. so this is a great way to fill any holes in your team if you already encountered him once or twice before in this past year.

Week 3: A Unova Unveiling (September 16 – September 23)

The final week bring us back to the very beginning while also pushing us forward. How so? Well, Week 3 will see the return of Mewtwo in Raids that won’t just know the move Psystrike but will also have a chance of being Shiny! Additionally, Pokemon originally discovered in the Unova Region are finally being introduced into the game. It’s unclear whether this will be only a handful or more; but we do know that Patrat, Lillipup and Klink will all be available in both their normal and Shiny forms!

Each of these transitions will happen at reset – aka 1:00 p.m. PDT – on their corresponding dates. Additionally, all 3 weeks will benefit from x2 Incubator Effectiveness, which is helpful since we’ll be hatching a lot of eggs! But which week are you looking forward to the most? Are you still waiting for updates on the Team Rocket invasion? Sound off in the comments to let us know!

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