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Pokemon Go News – An Event Of Fire & Ice Unleashed!

Published on June 8th, 2017 | Updated on August 24th, 2017 | By FanFest

Fire & Ice have gone together since the beginning of time. From poems by Robert Frost Poem to a novel by George R. R. Martin and now a Pokemon Go Event! Earlier this week, Team Eevolution – who has a pretty solid track record of leaking Pokemon Go events (ie: Gen 2 release, Water Festival & Easter Events) – first leaked news of a Fire & Ice event; and now Niantic has confirmed! So what’s the event entail?

The event will last from June 13th 1:00 PDT to June 20th 1:00 PDT and feature the following:

  • Increased Spawns for Fire-Types and their evolutions
  • Increased Spawns for Ice-Types and their evolutions
  • “Huge” XP Bonuses for Accurate Pokeball Throws (ie: Nice, Great, Excellent)
  • 50% Off Lucky Eggs

As usual, Type Events are great for earning badges and completing your Pokedex. And even though you probably already earned your Fire-Type badge with the last event – I’m looking at you Slugma – this event is a great way to stock up on the harder to get Fire-Types as well as the Rare Ice-Type spawns!

Though if you’re thinking “Wow, two Type increases for one event? What’s the occasion?” Well the Fire & Ice event is to celebrate the Solstice as the Northern Hemisphere enters the Summer Months and the Southern Hemisphere enters the Winter Months! Though besides this being a PERFECTLY timed event, this also is a signal for things to come. There has been growing talk about this Summer bringing huge changes to Pokemon Go including reworking Gym Battles as well as the long awaited arrival of Legendary Pokemon.

Will we get the long awaited Legendaries? Which Legendaries will they choose? How will this all factor into Gym Battles?

Well it’s hard to say at the moment, but look at it this way. GET those Fire and Ice types to complete your badges! Remember the higher the Badge level, the increased capture chance you have. And with Fire and Ice type Legendaries like Moltres and Articuno on their way, we’ll need all the help we can get!


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as seen on promo graphic