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‘Outsiders’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – “Home for Supper”

Warning!  SPOILERS AHEAD!  Ged GedYah-self away from this recap if you are not caught up with season 2 of WGN’s Outsiders!

Hey, hey Cousins!!  Guess who’s back? Back again!  Li’l’s back! Thanks to Houghton!  Wohooooo!  What an AMAZING episode!  Let’s get right into it.

We find out pretty much right away that G’Win is still alive!  She looks like she will have a long recovery ahead of her but she’s awake and sitting up in bed.  She orders Big Foster to free let the Kinnah go free but he is not keen on that idea.  G’Win believes the evil of the Kinnah all stemmed from Moregon and, now that she is dead, the others are lost.  She almost takes pity on the Kinnah and Big Foster agrees to set them free.  Big Foster clearly loves G’Win and asks her why she went to sacrifice herself.  He was ready to be killed and ready die.  He pleads with her, asking her not to die but, her response is heartbreaking.  Big Foster says, “Please don’t die.  You can’t!”  G’Win replies, “I can.  And I likely will.”  Full disclosure, I may have welled up at this point, just a little.

Houghton is driving when he decides to put in a call to the prison saying he wants to come by to talk to Li’l Foster about Breece Dobbs.  At this point, he is told that Li’l Foster is being transferred to the State Penn tomorrow afternoon.  After hearing this, Houghton immediately and hastily turns the car around.  He’s up to something, but what?

We see him driving through the woods, heading up the mountain when he’s stopped by security.  He lies about why he is up there, saying he got a report of a rabid dog but the guard won’t let him pass without clearing it through Matt Meyers’ office first.  Houghton is forced to turn around and head back.  He tries a different road but it is also blocked by more guards.  Why, exactly, is he trying to get up the mountain?  And, with Matt Meyers running that border patrol, how is he going to do it?  He needs some Farrell help!

Houghton heads back to his office and he is reviewing Li’l Foster’s file.  He gets up from his office and goes into Matt Meyer’s investigation room to review the maps of the perimeter fence. He’s startled by a knock on the door.  It’s Haylie Grimes checking in about the parade.  She’s making sure there’s no trouble expected from his sister.  Suddenly someone comes in saying there are noise complaints from a machine shop and Houghton jumps at the opportunity to investigate in order to get away from Grimes.

Hasil brings home dinner for him and Sally Ann.  Fast food.  He’s learning how to use money and all but, Sally Ann is acting a little strange.  When Hasil asks her what’s wrong, he starts almost apologizing for having to fight, assuming that’s the issue.  However, Sally Ann confesses that, while she hated the fighting at first, now, it turns her on.  He’s just doing it to support her and the baby.  However, she’s still upset about something.  She’s worried about Hasil leaving her but, he says that it doesn’t matter where he goes, he’s always coming back.

Later on, we see Hasil kicking the crap out of a guy in the middle of the fighting ring when a cop car shows up.  Uh oh!  It’s Houghton and he’s there to break up the event.  The fight organizer meets him out front.  They have an agreement about events like this but, Houghton says this one has to stop.  The organizer says he’ll break it up after this fight but Houghton says he’ll just take a look around.  He walks in and locks eyes with Hasil.  Hasil takes off running and Houghton takes off after him.

'Outsiders' Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - "Home for Supper"
Sheriff Wade Houghton – Episode 207

Hasil has just about escaped when Houghton yells out, “Foster Farrell the 8th!” which stops Hasil dead in his tracks.  Houghton tells him he knows where Li’l Foster is and shows Hasil his mug shot on his cell phone.  He tells Hasil he needs to go up the mountain to talk to the Farrells and he needs his help.

Hasil agrees and leads him half way up before telling Houghton to wait for him.  He needs to walk ahead to clear things with the group before bringing him all the way up.  Houghton is waiting in the woods and sees the black wolf run by.  Shortly after, he is approached by two Farrells with a gun.

Inside G’Win’s house, Phil’up says he let the Kinnah go and they took Moregon’s dead body with them.  Big Foster orders him to follow them and make sure they aren’t going to cause trouble.  With that, Hasil comes into the house and tells them he’s found Li’l Foster.  He tells them that he brought Houghton up the mountain because he knows how to save Li’l Foster.  Big Foster is about to freak out because he fears Hasil has put the clan in danger by bringing Houghton up the mountain but, just then, there’s a yell from outside calling for Big Foster.  He orders Phil’up to put Hasil in the box and shoot him if he tries to escape before going to see what’s up.

He walks outside to find Houghton had been taken captive.  Big Foster has him on his knees at gunpoint and is about to shoot him when G’Win says she wants to speak with him.  I’m pretty sure G’Win just saved Houghton’s life!

Meanwhile, down in the town, Gordon is basically leading the charge and organizing the disturbance for the Coal Days parade.  He’s preparing the group for the risks involved with pulling off the action at tomorrow’s parade.   After the meeting, Gordon and Ledda have a little flirtatious moment again back at Ledda’s house.  The important thing to notice here is, Ledda flirtatiously tells Gordon that he’s trouble and Gordon’s response is, “You have no idea.”  Now, this could just be Gordon terribly flirting back, however, call me crazy but that line seems a bit ominous to me.  I really think Gordon is up to something and that he is bad news.

Back up the mountain, Big Foster, G’Win and Houghton discuss his reasons for visiting.  Houghton says that he’s there because of Breece’s death and that Foster Farrell the 8th is in jail for his murder.  He tells them that he knows Li’l Foster didn’t kill Breece and he knows how they can get him out of jail.  He’ll help the Farrells but can’t be involved after today in order to preserve his reputation and job.  He tells them about the transport and gives them a map of the route.  The Farrells can ambush the bus but can’t harm or kill anyone.

Houghton has one more thing to mention before he leaves the mountain.  He is helping the Farrells and now he needs some help from them.  He’s looking for the man who killed Breece and knows that he’s a big man with long white hair.  He looks straight at Big Foster while saying this.  Big Foster tells him that there are a lot of big men on that mountain and many of them with long white hair.  That’s when Houghton mentions that he’s looking for the father of Foster Farrell the 8th.  G’Win interjects and says that he’s dead.  Everyone in the room is pretty much staring at the floor and Houghton just accepts that answer.

Meanwhile, in prison, Li’l Foster is told by a corrections officer that he’s being transferred to Green Valley State Penn and has an adorable line in response by saying, “I’m guessing it’s neither of those things.”  He’s about to be transferred to a maximum security facility which definitely won’t be good for him.

'Outsiders' Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - "Home for Supper"

Later on n the episode, the doctor is preparing him for transfer.  Violent inmates have to be sedated for transfer but, Li’l Foster begs the doctor not to do it.  He wants to see his home one last time before he is put away into the state penn forever.  The doctor pretends to give Li’l Foster the sedative and tells him to act calm.

And now, we’re ready to rumble! 

From up the mountain, the Farrells burst through the perimeter fence on their ATV quads and head toward the road where the transport bus will be.  Li’l Foster and two other inmates are escorted onto the transport bus.

At the same time, the town of Blackburg is getting ready for the Coal Days parade.  Ledda is getting a blanket out of her car when she has a coughing attack.  She coughs up some blood but continues on with her plan.  This leads us to believe that perhaps her cancer is further along than we originally thought.

The Coal Days parade has started and Houghton is on patrol there.  He hears the dispatch call regarding the bus ambush over the walkie talkie requesting back up.  He responds back saying that he’s on his way.

Ledda and the Save Shayers spring into action at the parade.  Dressed in Skeleton onesies, they walk into the middle of the parade.  The group lays down on the ground, blocking the route, while Ledda begins a speech through a bullhorn.  She is stopped by a deputy and, while that confrontation is going on, Gordon grabs a bucket, pulls a mask down over his face.  The bucket is full of coal ash and soot.  He throws the bucket contents onto Miss Coal who is being driven down the parade route in a convertible alongside Haylie Grimes.  The whole scene is absolute pandemonium and Houghton is nowhere in sight.

'Outsiders' Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - "Home for Supper"
Ledda and the Save Shay group cause a disturbance at ‘Coal Days’ – Episode 207

Simultaneously, Li’l is on the transport bus, his eyes are closed and he’s remaining calm, taking in the sun and the mountain air.  Suddenly, his eye open as he hears the sounds of the ATVs.  The Farrells appear on the road and Li’l smiles, as he knows he’s about to go home.  They aggressively tail the bus as the driver calls for help/backup.

Hasil gets in front of the bus and the driver bumps his ATV, knocking him off to the ground.

'Outsiders' Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - "Home for Supper"

Eventually, the Farrells shoot out the tires and the bus overturns on its side.  They get Li’l Foster out.  Finally, he is free!  The guard and driver are pretty badly injured but the Farrells drive off, dropping the map given to them by Houghton.

Down in the town, Houghton radios to get a status on the bus situation asking if there are any fatalities.  All seems to have gone well.  Though the guard and driver were injured, no one was killed and only one inmate is still in custody but, it’s not Li’l Foster.

Li’l Foster is celebrating freedom with a primal scream and dirt exfoliate.  He is so happy to be back in his world. Big Foster gives his son a big hug.  While they are hugging, Li’l Foster delivers one of the best lines of the episode.  He says, “Why ain’t you dead like you’re supposed to be?”  This confuses Big Foster a bit but then Li’l Foster snaps his hands away and says, “Get your goddamn hands off me!” and storms away.  The look of pain and complete anguish left on Big Foster’s face is almost too much to take as the scene cuts to black.

'Outsiders' Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - "Home for Supper"

We’ve waited 7 episodes for it but, our Li’l Foster is finally FREE!!

What did you think of the episode?  Let us know your thoughts on Home for Supper in the comments section below.  Next week, the Farrell’s are setting up for an all out war!  Check out the preview clips of next week’s episode titled Healing.

Outsiders airs Tuesdays at 9pm on WGN America.  Ged GedYah!!


Photos and Media: WGN America

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