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‘Outsiders’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – “Kill or Be Killed”

Published on March 5th, 2017 | Updated on March 6th, 2017 | By FanFest

Warning!  SPOILERS AHEAD!  Ged GedYah-self away from this recap if you are not caught up with season 2 of WGN’s Outsiders!

Hi Cousins!  My apologies on the delayed recap this week.  I’ve been a bit under the weather lately.  But, I figured, better late than never, right?  Last Tuesday’s episode was KILLER!!!  Hasil became an official fight club member.  G’Win and Big Foster team up to take on the Kinnah.  Perhaps thinking he was a chiropractor, Li’l Foster finds out that snapping a guy’s neck can lead to more trouble than it’s worth and we’ve learned that you never address Sheriff Houghton by saying, “Yo!”  Let’s get into the details of last week’s episode, Kill or Be Killed:

The episode starts up the mountain.  G’Win is being held at gunpoint by the Kinnah and Big Foster and the Farrells are trying to figure out what to do and how to save her.

Moregon is speaking to G’Win, telling her that she is weak an that the mountain must be purified in order to be saved.  The only way to do that is to offer a sacrifice from the Farrell clan.  The strongest man on the mountain will need to be sacrificed and G’Win will be the one who needs to do the dirty work.  When G’Win refuses, the Kinnah bring in one of the Farrell males.  They declare that every hour, one Farrell will be killed until G’Win agrees to partake in the sacrifice.  When she, once again, refuses, they kill the Farrell male.  This sends the rest of the clan into hysterics as they think G’Win has been shot.  Big Foster barrels into the house to make sure G’Win is ok.  Moregon declares Big Foster the strongest because he was willing to risk his life for the woman he loves.  Moregon says G’Win will have to kill Big Foster as her sacrifice.

Somewhere between the town and Shay Mountain, Sheriff Houghton and the police are investigating the house of horrors murder scene.  Houghton finds the gun that belonged to Big Foster.  You better believe he’s taking that to the lab to have it tested.  If they run a ballistics test on that gun, this could be the break that clears Li’l Foster!

Houghton goes to visit Samuel (aka Crackers) at Social Services.  He tells Sam that he found his house and asks him about the grisly murder scene.  Samuel reveals that a big man with long hair told him not to watch what was about to happen and to leave and never look back.  Thinking that perhaps the murderer here is Li’l Foster, Houghton shows Sam his mugshot, asking if that was the man he saw.  Sam says that’s not the man that he saw and further clarifies that it was a big man with long, white hair.  Clearly, he’s describing Big Foster but, Houghton doesn’t know that…. yet!

Meanwhile, Houghton’s sister Ledda is trying to convince the “Save Shay” group to create a disruption at the upcoming town parade.  The group is not too keen on doing this as the “Coal Days Parade” is a town tradition.  A stranger sitting in the back stands up and defends Ledda.  His name is Gordon and he’s not from Blackburg or the surrounding area.  He heard about the group’s mission and saw the video of Ledda’s arrest and felt compelled to travel from across the country to help.  He backs Ledda with his full support but, who is this guy?  After the meeting is over, Ledda invites Gordon back to her house.

We learn that Gordon was once a corporate business man who left his job after experiencing his first protest.  After chatting for a bit, Gordon asks if he could use the shower.  Ledda says sure and goes to get him a towel.  As she is bringing the towel upstairs to him, Gordon appears, standing at the top of the stairs, completely and totally naked.  He asks Ledda to join him in the shower.  Bow-chicka Bow WOOW!!!  Go Ledda!

When Houghton returns home, he goes to get the mail.  He jumps back at the sight of a dead cat, wrapped in a flyer (one of Ledda’s flyers) and  bound with rope, stuffed in the mailbox.  He removes the dead cat, goes into the house to wash his hands and hears Ledda upstairs, laughing in the shower with Gordon.

Li’l Foster is still riding out his time in jail.  He is approached in the cafeteria, once again, by the prison gang group leader.  While the group leader is trying to convince Li’l to join their white supremacist group, in a hilariously bold move, Li’l Foster flings a spoonful of food into the leader’s face.  The other group members immediately jump up and it appears LI’l foster might be in some trouble but, the leader tells them to stand down.  He wipes off his face and walks away.

Later on in the episode, Li’l Foster is actually attacked by two men from the group.  He fights them off and is detained by the guards.  As he is being escorted out, he calls out the leader by saying, “A real man fights his own battles.”  Careful Li’l Foster!  You DO NOT want to mess with these guys!

Sally Ann is explaining to Hasil just how expensive it is to live in the outsider world. While he doesn’t totally understand finances and money, he sees that Sally Ann is stressed.  He assures her that everything will be fine and that he and Butch have something in the works.  She just needs to trust him.

That “thing” is fighting!  Later on, in the episode, we see Hasil and Butch returning to the underground fight club but, this time, Hasil is going to fight.  He needs to lose the first fight in order to get in with the circle.  Butch says there is a line of guys who would line up to kick some Farrell ass but, they need to think they can win first.  The problem is, we know our Hasil.  He’s not going to lose so easily.

Hasil steps in the ring with a guy twice his size and, during the fight, Butch is trying to remind him that he needs to throw this one.  It looks like he is going to listen and Hasil gets knocked to the ground by his opponent.  As he is standing up and regaining his footing, his opponent antagonizes him by yelling, “Come on!”  At this point, you can tell that Hasil has had enough.  There’s NO way he is coming out of this fight a loser.  With a couple of blocks and two swift punches to the stomach and then the head, Hasil knocks out his opponent and wins his first fight.

Even though Hasil was supposed to lose, winning doesn’t seem to hurt his chances to keep fighting.  Soon after, his first fight, Butch has booked his second fight.  It only takes one, two, three punches before Hasil clobbers a man three times his size.  After the fight, Butch places the winnings into Hasil’s hand.  Hasil Farrell is officially a rich man!  Side note: Did you all see the crowd giving Hasil a three finger salute in the background during the fight?  Outsiders rooting for a Farrell?  Our guy has a fan base down in the town of Blackburg!!

The money from the winnings has allowed Hasil and Sally Ann to get a house together.  Their own little Sasil sanctuary.  In this adorable scene, they are spending their first night in the house when Sally Ann wakes up to find Hasil is missing from her side.  She gets up and looks for him, finding him laying out side, on the ground, looking up at the sky.  He’s clearly missing his home and having a difficult time adjusting to outsider life.  She goes out to him and lays down beside him.  How freakin’ sweet is that?!  We LOVE Sasil!

After Li’l Foster’s scuffle, he’s back in the infirmary.  The doctor asks if he wants to be transferred to a more secure section of the prison.  Li’l Foster says that he needs to feel the sun on his face and he misses his home.  He is sketching while talking and gives the doctor a beautifully drawn picture of the mountains.  This man REALLY needs to get home!

A little later on, Li’l Foster is approached by the group, again, in the exercise yard.  When the leader pulls a make-shift knife on him, Li’l Foster is forced to fight to defend himself.  He takes things a bit too far and snaps the neck of the leader.  The prison guards descend upon him as the leader lay lifeless on the floor.

After finding the dead cat in the mailbox and hearing her upstairs with Gordon, Houghton is clearly upset.  He approaches Ledda about this and says he feels she has completely gone off the deep end and is a danger to herself and the kids.  As they argue, a flaming brick is thrown through the window of the house.  Houghton blames Ledda and declares that he is taking the kids and leaving the house, for their own safety.

After this encounter, he returns to the sheriff’s department and receives an update on the house of horrors investigation.  Ballistics testing matched the gun found in the house to the gun that was responsible for killing Breece Dobbs.  Additionally, the finger prints on the gun do not match Li’l Foster’s prints.  With this information, Houghton storms into Matt Meyers and tells him he wants him out of this town.  Meyers tries to cut Houghton off and, Houghton delivers THE best line of the episode, “Don’t ‘Yo’ me, asshole!”  I LOVED this moment from him!  Anyway, Meyers reveals that Li’l Foster killed a man while in prison so, regardless of the evidence Houghton has found, it doesn’t matter.

Houghton returns home, once again, and is looking through the fridge.  He takes out a bottle of beer and goes to the back porch.  He puts the bottle down, composes himself and heads back inside, without the beer, to confront Ledda.  Houghton apologizes to her and takes the blame for everything that has happened.  He says he’s going to fix it.  He’ll take care of it and he knows what he has to do now, even though it’s not legal.  Ledda is confused and, honestly, so am I!  What is going to do?!  It’s not legal??  You’re scaring us, Wade!!  What does that mean?!

Back up the mountain, Moregon has kept Big Foster tied up in isolation.  She is certain that G’Win will go through with killing Big Foster while he believes that she would never do it.  Who’s going to be right??

While waiting for the ceremony to start, G’Win is visited by the spirit of Lady Ray.  Lady Ray tells G’Win to go through with the sacrifice saying, only one more man needs to die for everything to be right again.  Despite Big Foster being her son, she encourages sacrificing him for the good of the clan.  As G’Win begins asks Lady Ray if she really believes that Moregon is telling the truth, the Kinnah walk in and the vision of Lady Ray disappears.

It’s time for G’Win to go through with the planned sacrifice.  The Kinnah have Big Foster tied up to a stake and have already dug a grave for his body.  Moregon fetches G’Win in order to start the ceremony.  She addresses the Farrells saying that one must die so they all can live.  Moregon hands G’Win a knife and she is to spill the blood of the strongest Farrell.  She approaches Big Foster with the knife but turns to Moregon, saying that Big Foster is not the strongest of them on the mountain.

In a shocking turn of events, G’Win stabs herself in the stomach.  Moregon rushes to her side, and then to Big Foster putting her own knife to his throat.  G’Win calls out to Moregon, getting her attention.  She pulls the knife out of her stomach and motions to hand it to Moregon.  As Moregon steps towards G’Win to take the knife, Big Foster kicks her in the back, pushing her over onto the knife which G’Win held.  The Kinnah scream out in horror and fall to the ground as the Farrells cut down Big Foster.  He rushes to hold G’Win and the scene cuts to black.

Talk about INTENSE!!!  These episode endings have been WILD this season!

What did you think of the episode?  Let us know your thoughts on Kill or Be Killed in the comments section below and, don’t forget to check out the quick preview clip of next week’s episode, also below.

Outsiders airs Tuesdays at 9pm on WGN America.  Ged GedYah!!


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