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‘Outlander’ Preview: 5 People Who Should Be Afraid Of ‘Vengeance Is Mine’

It’s almost time for episode 211 of everyone’s favorite historical drama. This one is titled “Vengeance is Mine,” and based on Claire and Jamie’s track record in settling disputes with their enemies, there’s bound to be some uneasy folks in 1745 Scotland. Here are the top five people who ought to be very very nervous about their impending fates.

  1. The British Army. Starting off broad, but the British army ought to be on high alert after their resounding defeat at Prestonpans. The Jacobites’ first major victory came via an unexpected strategy and a whole lot of luck, but it’s charged the Highlanders with the thrill of victory. They’ll undoubtedly be looking for more of the same in the next battle.
  2. The British prisoners of war. Claire treated quite a few British soldiers in her field hospital, and their ultimate fate remains unclear. Charles isn’t likely to sacrifice or mistreat his future subjects, but that doesn’t mean he won’t see the value in keeping them around for a while for political leverage or to see if there’s any intelligence hiding in those Redcoat pockets.
  3. Prince Charles. Speaking of the Bonnie Prince, he’s not exactly in Claire and Jamie’s good graces right now. He’s leading a rebellion that Claire fears will end in Jamie’s death on the battlefield. However, Charles is quickly proving to be a very poor leader, and Jamie is quickly proving to be a very sly one. As long as Jamie can keep Charles on target, Charles won’t have to fear a vengeful Claire.
  4. Dougal Mackenzie. Another man who is on thin ice, Dougal nearly got himself sent back home after the battle at Prestonpans. Charles was horrified by Dougal’s exuberance at the bloodshed, and it was only Jamie’s quick-thinking that kept his uncle from shame. Dougal is now the captain of the Jacobite Dragoons, but one more misstep and he’ll be facing a lot more than just British muskets.
  5. Black Jack Randall. Last but certainly not least is the one man with the most to fear from James Fraser.  After their nearly-deadly duel in Paris, Black Jack was sent home to recuperate. The rumor for episode 211 is that he’s recuperated enough to resume his duties, and that means there’s the potential for a run-in with Claire and Jamie. Will Jamie finally be able to get his vengeance?

‘Vengeance Is Mine’ airs Saturday June 18th at 9pm/8pm central on Starz. Catch up anytime online or on the Starz mobile app. Then, check back here to each week for full episode previews and recaps.

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