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Outlander Preview: 5 Other Reunions We’re Hoping For In “A. Malcolm”

Published on October 12th, 2017 | Updated on October 12th, 2017 | By FanFest

Let’s start off by being very clear- we’re all here for Jamie and Claire’s reunion. We know the general direction that episode 306 is going to take. We saw Jamie and Claire set eyes on each other for the first time in 20 years, we saw Jamie faint from the shock of it, and we’ve seen the preview at least a dozen times since Sunday. What we don’t know is what else is going to happen in the upcoming 1 hour and 20 minute extended episode. After all, even Claire and Jamie can’t spend the entire episode in bed (probably). While we suffer through a mini #droughtlander until October 22, here are five other character reunions that we’d love to see happen in, “A. Malcolm.”

1) Jamie and Brianna. We know that Claire went back through the stones armed with all kinds of items in her pockets. While the exact contents haven’t been revealed, it’s a pretty safe bet that at least some of them are photos or mementos of Bree to help Jamie learn about his daughter. These two will never meet face to face without one of them taking a trip through the stones, and the likelihood of that occurring is pretty low right now. Despite this, seeing Jamie meet Brianna in the flesh is definitely a reunion scene we all want to see.

2) Jamie and Willie. The most heart-wrenching scene of the season so far was when Jamie was forced to leave Willie behind. The young boy will grow up never knowing that Jamie is his real father, or even Jamie’s real name. From Jamie’s perspective, it’s the third child that he’s lost: first Faith when he and Claire were in France, then the unborn Brianna when Claire returned through the stones, and now Willie. The loss of a child is a wound that never heals, but there’s an even deeper layer to the loss of Willie. Jamie may very well encounter his son as a grown man one day, but he’ll never be able to claim him as his own unless something drastic changes.

3) Claire and Fergus. Speaking of children, there’s a certain French ragamuffin living in Scotland who will be a grown man in 1768. Fergus will be around 30 years old when Claire goes back through the stones, making him older than Jamie was when he and Jamie first met. Assuming he hasn’t lost any more appendages to the Redcoats, Fergus is hopefully still working closely with Jamie. The reunion between Fergus and the woman whom he regarded as a mother for years is both the one we’re most looking forward too, and the one we feel is the most likely to actually occur in this episode.

4) Claire and Murtagh (or Jamie and Murtagh for that matter). Jamie’s ever-serious kinsman has provided some of the best comic relief moments over the course of the show. His interactions with Claire alone were among the few truly light-hearted parts of season two. The last we saw of Murtagh in season three, however, he was bound for the American colonies as an indentured servant. His ultimate fate hasn’t been revealed, but we’re holding out hope for his eventual return to Jamie’s side.

5) Claire and Jenny. Jamie’s sister and Claire formed a tight bond soon after they were introduced back in season one. Claire saved Jenny and her baby during a breech birth, and Jenny taught Claire how to handle Jamie’s temper tantrums. Earlier in this season, Jamie convinced Jenny and her husband, Ian, to turn him over to the Redcoats to protect them from further retribution. Now that Jamie is back in Scotland, we’re hoping the siblings have reunited. All we need to see now is Jenny’s reaction to Claire’s reappearance.

Outlander episode 306, “A. Malcolm,” airs Sunday October 22nd at 8 pm on Starz. Viewers can catch up on previous episodes anytime on or the Starz mobile app. Check back here to for full episode recaps and weekly episode previews. Sound off in the comments below and let us know how you’re going to make it through the next week and a half. Maybe by watching the episode trailer over and over like us?


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