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Outlander Preview: 5 Courses To Be Plotted In “Uncharted”

Published on November 25th, 2017 | Updated on November 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

Jamie and Claire are once again separated from each other. Luckily, these two are the universal champions at finding each other. Living in a world without GPS is no hinderance when you have the magnetic pull of true love, after all. While we wait to see just how they will rescue each other this time, here are 5 people whose routes to their destiny are less mapped out.

1) Fergus. Fergus’s fate has been intertwined with Jamie and Claire for most of his life, but now he’s searching for his own path. He is in love with Marsali and he’s finally gotten Jamie’s blessing to marry her. Is his happily ever after at hand? Or will the wedding be delayed yet again until Claire is found?

2) Captain Leonard. He’s set to bring his ship into port with a quarter less men than he set out with, including the first Captain. He is still uncertain in his new role and it shows in times of stress. Bringing in a wanted criminal like Jamie would help shore up his standing. The question is, what will happen to him now that his best chance of making that happen has leapt off the back of the ship?

3) Young Ian. Of everyone, Young Ian has the least clear fate. He hasn’t been heard from since his capture on Silkie Island. The one lead Claire had on him went cold almost immediately. All that is known is that he’s bound for Jamaica. Will Jamie and Claire reunite in time to save him, or will they have to act separately?

4) Brianna & Roger. Let’s lump these two together, as they seemed very cozy the last time we saw them. They’re back in 1969, and that’s all we know. Has their budding romance continued? Or has Brianna been left to deal with the loss of her mother alone?

5) Murtagh. The last time we saw Jamie’s kinsman, he was bound for the colonies as an indentured servant. It’s been over a decade since then. If he’s alive, his term of service is likely almost up. Will Jamie ever learn what happened to the man who was with him through so many battles?

Outlander episode 311, “Uncharted,” airs Sunday November 26th at 8 pm on Starz. Viewers can catch up on previous episodes anytime on or the Starz mobile app. Check back here to for full episode recaps and future episode previews.


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