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‘Outcast’ Recap ‘(I Remember) When She Loved Me’

There is a special bond between a mother and her son. Being a mom to a son myself, I can understand how special that little boy is to you. In this week’s episode of ‘Outcast’ we learned that there was a time, long ago, when Kyle Barnes shared just that with his mother, Sarah. He loved her dearly and she loved him.

Until she got possessed.



In the aftermath of Jacob’s exorcism, Kyle remembers the day his own mother suddenly wasn’t herself. A warm, carefree day in West Virginia, mother and son were out in the yard playing when Sarah Barnes stops, falls to her knees and begins rubbing dirt all over her body. It wouldn’t be too long before she descended into complete madness and the demon had full control.

Kyle goes to visit Sarah in the nursing home in an effort to understand why she is in the state she’s in. He was able to help Jacob, and Jacob recovered. Could it be that there is still something living inside her? I don’t know if it was his own guilt, or just a desire to find answers, Kyle decides to bust his mom out of the home, and take her back to the house where they used to live together.

He does his best to try to care for her, but is only successful in recalling more of those terrifying moments between him and mom way back when. Their reunion doesn’t last long after Anderson learns Kyle has checked her out of the home. Before they return her though, Kyle convinces him to try an exorcism one more time to see if Sarah could ever return to the land of the conscious.


Photo Courtesy of Cinemax
Photo Courtesy of Cinemax


Just as we got to see the day Sarah Barnes became possessed, we also got to bare witness to the last day of her personal hell – the day Kyle fought back and inadvertently expelled the demon from her. Easily the scariest part of this episode was watching these events unfold, and seeing the sheer terror on young Kyle’s face. Having the scene then switch to Kyle desperately trying to ‘save’ Sarah by any means necessary was equal parts heartbreaking and disturbing.

In the end, Reverend Anderson explains to Kyle that the demon just lived in her too long. When it was expelled it took part of her with it. She can’t be saved the way Jacob was, and if Kyle wants to have any kind of life, he needs to let Sarah go.


Elsewhere in the town of Rome…

Photo courtesy of Cinemax
Photo Courtesy of Cinemax

The Chief and Kyle’s brother in law Mark, get a rather strange situation literally dropped in their lap when a local man found a bunch of his livestock with their heads cut off and bodies crucified. During their investigation they find a beat up trailer with blood and scratch marks inside. Nope, not creepy at all.

Reverend Anderson makes an impassioned plea to his parishioners to get more people to church, in order to fight the darkness that is closing in. The spicy language he riled up gets the attention of several of the women, who agree to be his crusaders. One of which, seems to be quite sweet on him.

We meet a new resident of Rome, an older man in a black hat and suit. He first appears in the church during Anderson’s sermon, then again later at the end of the episode. Once Sarah Barnes is back in her room at the nursing home, the man comes to visit her room. He sits besides her and clearly knows her, calling her by name.

Those who have read the comic know the appearance of this guy isn’t going to be good for the residents of Rome, especially for Reverend Anderson. Whether he is the king demon, or Lucifer incarnate, the mysterious man in black has plans for Kyle, and he let Sarah know it. Before he takes his hat and leaves he tells her:


“It’s too bad he will never know how hard you fought. And yet, despite it all, we have him anyway”


Have him for what? Why do these demons want Kyle? What did they do to him exactly when he was a kid before help arrived on the day that Sarah’s exorcism took place? So many questions!


Just a few parting thoughts on this episode:

  • That lady was totally trying to hook up with Reverend Anderson. Something tells me this isn’t going to end well.
  • Megan smuggling a present to Kyle’s daughter, Amber, seems like it was the right thing to do. Though, I think it will end up biting them in the butt down the line.
  • I fear for Kyle’s neighbor. That penny he found in the trash compactor looked like it had bad luck written all over it.
  • Seriously, WHAT is going on with that creepy trailer in the woods?


So, where is this leading to? I suspect lots of people are going to start not acting like themselves, including those close to the ‘Outcast’ himself. What did you thinks of episode 2, (I remember) When She Loved Me’?

‘Outcast’ airs Fridays at 10/9C on Cinemax.


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