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‘Outcast’ Preview ‘(I Remember) When She Loved Me’

If you aren’t still having nightmares from last week’s premiere of Outcast, I say, congratulations! My sleep finally returned to normal the other night, and now I feel completely ready for another disturbing episode of my new favorite series.

There is little in the way of a preview for ‘(I Remember) When She Loved Me”. The official synopsis from Cinemax, which simply states: “Kyle questions his family history,” couldn’t be more vague. However, I guess that is kind of the fun of it, right?

What do we know so far about Kyle Barnes? He lived with his mother for a while after she became possessed. After she became committed to an institution, he was adopted by Megan’s family. He was married and has a daughter, neither of which he is allowed to talk to because he supposedly assaulted them. Then, there is Megan and her husband – who clearly doesn’t like Kyle – along with their daughter.

Geez, maybe Kyle exploring his family his will be a good thing. With all the bad mojo on the horizon, there could be some answers to the origins of his unusual ability to exorcism demons.



By the looks of the trailer, Reverend Anderson seems to have a lot to say in this upcoming episode as we will finally see him do his thing at the pulpit. Question is, how many more of his parishioners are going to be coming forward asking for his help with the darkness that has invaded their own families. As long as there are no more possessed kids eating their own finger, I think I’ll be good.

The next episode of ‘Outcast’ airs Friday, June 10 at 10/9C on Cinemax.


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