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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Solitude’

Supergirl preview ‘Solitude’

Laura Vandervoot guest stars on this week’s episode of Supergirl as the villain Indigo.

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In the comics, Indigo was at first believed to be a superheroine, but was later revealed to be a villain. She also goes by the name of Brainiac 8, an incarnation of one of Superman’s most formidable opponents. By the looks of it, Indigo could have connections the the Brainiac line, which is why Kara and James travel to the Fortress of Solitude. Perhaps they need information hidden in the Fortress in order to stop Indigo.

It will be fun to see Vandervoort in a villainous role. She previously placed Kara/Supergirl on Smallville. I love that CBS keeps getting actors with a previous connection to the Supers to guest star.

I am also really excited for the Fortress. It will be cool to see what the show has come up with for the setting and if there will be a bunch of hidden easter eggs foreshadowing potential storylines. Maybe the Man of Steel himself will finally make an appearance! We’ll just have to wait and see.

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