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‘The Flash’ Preview ‘Escape From Earth-2’

The Flash Preview ‘Escape From Earth-2’

With Barry in Zoom’s clutches, Cisco and Harry join forces with Barry-2 (who I will refer to as Bartholomew), Iris-2, and even Killer Frost in order to free him. They only have a limited time to track him down because the rest of Team Flash on Earth-1 were instructed to close the breach after 48 hours.

Of course, Caitlin and Jay have to make sure they can fix the Speed Cannon or it won’t matter if they save Barry. To make matters even worse, Geomancer is still on the loose.


It is definitely a race against time in both worlds, which will make for a pretty intense hour. I think that this episode will retain the momentum from the previous one and deliver more Earth-2 awesomeness.

I am excited that we will get to see more of Bartholomew. We didn’t get too much of him besides gawking at Harry, but the general impression from the last episode is that he is a selfish and always
puts himself first. This is totally the opposite of Barry, who will always choose his loved ones over himself. I’m surprised they would even ask for his help, but maybe they need his lab ability in order to track Zoom.

The previous episode debunked several of my theories as to who was under the black mask of Zoom. Joe-2 was killed by Deathstorm and Reverb (Cisco- 2) was killed by Zoom. A theory that is still completely plausible is Henry Allen. Barry talked with his mother, but not his father. Both of them were written on Bartholomew’s speed dial, but Barry was too focused on his mother to
ask about good ‘ole Henry. I think that him being Zoom is my favorite theory because it will make the battle between him and Barry really heartbreaking. It would also be cool to see John Wesley Shipp in a speedster suit once more.

We learned a couple of weeks ago that Jay’s Earth-1 doppelgänger is Hunter Solomon, who in the comics becomes Zoom. I don’t know if the show will go that route because it seems like the obvious choice, and usually they are more clever than that. There also hasn’t been a mention of Wally West on Earth-2, so maybe he is Zoom. Who knows, but I bet we get more and more clues in
the next couple of episodes.

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