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‘Outcast’ Recap ‘A Wrath Unseen’

Published on June 25th, 2016 | Updated on June 25th, 2016 | By FanFest

The fourth episode of ‘Outcast’ began to reveal some new dangers, and old enemies – Megan came face to face with her past, the Reverend introduced Kyle to Mildred and Sydney found a place to settle in the town of Rome.


The Stranger Says Hello

The episode opens with Reverend Anderson leading Norville’s funeral. Before the casket is lowered in the ground, the mystery man in the hat that visited Sarah in the home, casually joins the service and introduces himself as Sydney. He claims to be an old friend of the deceased. Neither Kyle nor Anderson seemed to pick up on the fact that the man standing before them was also inhabited by something malicious. When Kyle shakes his hand, there is no recoil or sizzle, but I don’t think it will take long for us to learn that the Outcast’s touch can’t hurt the big demon in charge.


An Old Face Returns  

Megan has been a pretty good sister to Kyle since  her mother adopted him as a boy. In this episode we find out exactly why Megan has such an affection and loyalty to Kyle. She has briefly mentioned that Kyle had done something in regards to her mother, but we also learn that another foster boy, Donnie, who had lived in the house abused Megan when she was a girl. When Kyle found out about it, he would sleep on the floor of her room to try and protect her. This little fact may just help humanize Kyle a bit to his brother-in-law. Maybe.

Donnie happens to roll back into town and runs into Megan and Mark out on date night. Mark sees that she is clearly rattled, so he turns to Kyle for answers. Kyle, who had already had his own run in with Donnie, confirms that Donnie is the one who hurt Megan. Mark, does the husbandly thing and make sure Donnie get the message he’s not welcome.

Just hope that video captured on his police camera doesn’t come back to bite him.


The Chief Goes Hunting

Remember that creepy camper? Yeah, well, the Chief Giles isn’t as done with it as he led Mark to believe. Seems as though he knew who the watch belonged to that Mark found. After returning it to its own, he sets himself up for a stake out at the camper. The owner of the watch returns and burns it down, which isn’t suspicious at all… good thing Mark did his best CSI impression already.


Meeting Ms. Mildred

About two years ago Reverend Anderson has performed an exorcism on an older woman in his church, Mildred. Thinking he is showing Kyle the good of his past work, he takes Kyle on a visit to her house. When Kyle is alone in her presence, it’s clear she knows more about Kyle than she should. At one point he reaches out to help her sit down and his touch burns her skin, pretty much cementing what we kind of already know – the exorcism really hadn’t worked on her.

What happened at the prison weighs heavily on Anderson, and he flashes back to Mildred’s exorcism throughout the episode. I hope we get more of that because it looked downright terrifying. Between last week’s failed exorcism and the realization that Mildred is still inhabited by a demon, I think the Reverend is really starting to question his role in this fight against the darkness that’s coming. Kyle certainly is, and not just the Reverend’s but his own as well. The pair return to Mildred’s house to try and finish what was started years earlier, but Mildred’s daughter put a quick end to it. Seems as though the demon living in her mother filled her in on the previous exorcism, and now she wants to call the cops on the Reverend.

As they drive away, Kyle worries that his wife may still be possessed as well. He convinces Anderson to turn around and head off to visit his wife and daughter.



Photo Courtesy of Cinemax
Photo Courtesy of Cinemax


The most disturbing part of this episode wasn’t an exorcism, but Megan’s reaction to seeing Donnie back in town. In the comic series, Megan has quite a bit of spunk and sarcasm, but when confronted with Donnie’s presence, she becomes scared and defensive. Wrenn Schmidt, who so successfully brought Megan to life, did a beautiful job of combining all those elements together in this episode. When Megan confronts Donnie in his room, her anger and fear is palpable, and my heart broke for her.

‘A Wrath Unseen’ certainly wasn’t the most intense of the series so far, but I think we got a really good sense of who these people are, and the sort of dangers that face them in the coming weeks.

The next episode of ‘Outcast’ will air Friday, July 7th at 10/9C on Cinemax.


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