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Norman Reedus Hints at a Jam-Packed ‘Walking Dead’ Finale

Season 8 of The Walking Dead has been quite the roller coaster thus far. With so many different plot lines going on, it’s hard to imagine that they are all going be resolved smoothly in the final four episodes, and that’s not even counting the flash-forwards!

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After 12 episodes though it looks like The Walking Dead is going to carry all of those plotlines into one jam-packed finale, according to Norman Reedus that is. He told EW that fans should expect to see four stories that could have stood on their own as a finale all play out in sync with each other instead.

“There are four things that happen that could be the finale, and they all go off at once at the same time,” said Reedus. “They head in different directions, and they’re all individually as good as the next, and they’re all very, very satisfying. I like that about it. I like that it’s not just one person’s story. There are probably four, maybe five, different directions that the show could’ve ended on and it went in all of them. It’s very satisfying.”

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Reddus’ perspective echoed some hints that showrunner Scott Gimple dropped earlier in the year about the finale as well.

“It’s very big. Probably currently a little too big. It was pretty amazing the scope of some of the things that we got to do. And yet the emotional intensity was insane. And it very much sets up the start of the next story.”

While there is still a lot of war to be left and a lot of mercy to prevail over wrath, we are looking forward to everything finally coming together and coming to an end, so the show can smoothly move onto the next chapter! What are your hopes and expectations for the Season 8 finale?