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New ‘Far From Home’ Set Video Shows Tom Holland In Action

Spider-Man: Far From Home is officially underway with production having recently begun in London, England. While fans have been occasionally posting photos of Holland from the set, we’ve finally got a glimpse at Peter Parker in action.

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Twitter user @cometbarbara posted a video of Tom Holland rehearsing a rooftop scene for the upcoming sequel. The video shows Holland jumping down to sit on on a ledge of sorts with Peter’s signature backpack in hand. He then puts his head down until something gets his attention in the sky. Check it out below!

We know that Far From Home will be doing just that – taking Peter far from Queens to London and possibly other cool places abroad with some of his school buds, including Ned and MJ (Jacob Batalon and Zendaya).

[row]We film in London. We shot the first film in Atlanta. And we shoot a lot of films in London but there’s another reason we’re shooting in London which is, yes, Spidey, of course, will spend some time in New York, but he’ll spend some time in other parts of the globe” Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed to i09.[/row]

While the exact plot of the film is still being kept under wraps, it’s safe to say that Far From Home will be a vital installment for the next decade of the MCU. Being the first film to hit theaters after Avengers 4, the movie will begin “a few minutes after Avengers 4 wraps as a story” according to Amy Pascal, so we can definitely expect Peter to be going through some things despite traveling abroad, including the fact that he technically died in Infinity War. 

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On top of that drama, Peter will also have to deal with the film’s villain Mysterio, who Jake Gyllenhaal is rumored to be playing. So, there are more than a few reasons to explain why Peter is looking sullen on that roof, but we sure hope it doesn’t last long! Fun and sarcastic Peter is our favorite Peter!

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters July 5, 2019!