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Netflix Renews ‘Dead to Me’ For Second Season

Netflix Renews Dead to Me For Second Season

It was announced that Netflix’s dark comedy Dead to Me will recive a second season. The news comes four weeks after the 10-episode series dropped on Netflix, which left fans with a serious cliffhanger in the final episode.

Dead to Me follows widow Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) as she deals with the sudden death of her husband. During a recovery group meeting, Jen meets Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini), who is there to mourn the loss of her fiancé. Things aren’t quite what they seem though. As the friendship between Jen and Judy strengthens, the truth threatens to come out. At the end of the first season, things take a turn for the even worse and the two will need each other more than ever if they’re going to get through it.

Applegate and Cardellini shine in the first season. Their chemistry is infectious and draws in the viewer. It will be exciting to see what season two will bring. And what new lies the two will have to tell to survive.

There is no word yet on when Dead to Me will being production. The entire first season is currently available for your binging pleasure on Netflix.

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