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Meltan Revealed – ‘Pokemon Go’ Mystery Solved

Yesterday I reported on something strange that happened this past weekend in Pokemon Go. After the conclusion of the monthly Community Day, a strange Pokemon began appearing in large quantities. It died down after the initial hour, but they’ve still been appearing in trainers’ ‘Nearby’ feature. Was it a glitch? Was it our first look at Gen 8? Was it the Pokemon rumored to be paired with Pokemon Let’s Go? Well Nintendo & The Pokemon Company have finally given us confirmation – along with a small digital short. Trainers, meet Meltan!

Very little is still known about this new ‘Mythical’ Pokemon as well as it’s relation (if any) to Ditto – which the digital short seems to hint at as well. Then again, for all we know, it could be another Carbink -> Diancie situation where one does indeed become the other “lore-wise” through a ‘strange mutation’, but doesn’t actually evolve in-game. What we do know is it’s creature stats and a little bit of Pokedex knowledge. According to the Pokemon Let’s Go website:

“Most of Meltan’s body is made from liquid metal, and its shape is very fluid. It can use its liquid arms and legs to corrode metal and absorb it into its own body. Meltan generates electricity using the metal it absorbs from outside sources. It uses this electricity as an energy source and also as an attack that can be fired from its eye.”

Meltan is referred to as the “Hex Nut Pokemon” and contrary to what it’s Pokedex entry and descriptor name suggest, it is a pure Steel type – though I assume it’ll learn some Electric and Ghost type moves. As a Mythical Pokemon it’s stats should be impressive; but it’s real power will be put to better use in Pokemon Let’s Go. As it turns out, this seems to indeed be the exclusive Pokemon that was teased in the Pokemon Let’s Go trailers. Though initially it made it seem as though that Pokemon would be claimed as a result of pairing with Pokemon Lets Go. Is that still the case or will you be able to obtain this Pokemon in Pokemon Go naturally?

Meltan Revealed - 'Pokemon Go' Mystery Solved
Credits: Pokemon Company/ Nintendo

Though many questions still remain. For starters, how is this a Mythical Pokemon if it’s reference number is 891. Mythical Pokemon usually appear at the end of a generation’s Pokedex set. And since the current Pokemon entry is 807, that means either the initial reference number was wrong and it’s actually #808 OR Gen 8 will only introduce about 80 or so new Pokemon – which would continue the trend of ‘introducing less than 100 new Pokemon per new installment’ that started with Pokemon XY. But what are your thoughts on this new Pokemon and what it could mean? Sound off in the comments!