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Margot Robbie Wants to Make Sure You Know Her as More Than Just a Pretty Face

Margot Robbie is the bombshell actress from Australia who is soon to blow your mind as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.  While there is no doubt that Margot is gorgeous, she wants to be known for more than her looks and her relationships in the roles that she takes on.

“I want to keep looking for roles where the main interest will be in the character and her importance in driving a story forward, rather than her relationship with a male character. Films like Wolf Of Wall Street and Focus gave me a chance to play charismatic and clever women, even though they do have a glamorous side.”

Margot has taken on roles, as she said, that showcase a glamorous look and show her as one-half of a relationship, but these roles also have depth that allows her to be more than a pretty face. As Naomi Lapagliain in The Wolf of Wallstreet or Jess Barrett in Focus, she was definitely more than just a piece of arm candy to the film’s leading male role. In both films, she’s driven, self-motivated, and even stands to show up her male counterparts in a multitude of scenes.

The best thing about Margot showing off both her beauty and her brains is that it motivates other young women to do the same. You don’t have to just be pretty or to be just smart – Margot is proof that you can be both self-made and beautiful all in one. Young adults look up to celebrities now more than ever and Margot’smessage to her current fans, and ones she’ll make in the future stands as a bright and motivational one – something young women need more of.

She’s bringing that, along with her incredible talent in acting, to debut Harley Quinn for the first time on the big screen in Suicide Squad on August 5th. With an actress as motivated to staying true to the craft as Margot – there isn’t a more perfect woman fit for the job.


Yes, the leggy blonde will be showing off a bit of skin as Harley, but she’s also got a lot of sass, a powerful attitude, and a general sense of ‘kick-ass’ that is sure to make her a stand out, even among the strong male talent in the film like Jared Leto and Will Smith.

As Margot adds more to her filmography it’s clear that we’ll continue to see her set an example as an actress that always manages to balance both intelligence and beauty, she’s just getting started.

Margot Robbie Wants to Make Sure You Know Her as More Than Just a Pretty Face

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