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‘Suicide Squad’: News of the Day!

Published on June 9th, 2016 | Updated on June 9th, 2016 | By FanFest

The buzz around Suicide Squad is getting realer every day. We literally feel the movie coming closer by the week now! I have a few news facts for today that you may or may not already know.

First things first, after the crazy Merchoid merchandise line we got first, the complete line of new Funko brand figurines (including the Mopeez and mystery minies) and of course the METALS Diecast figurines, we also now have a Suicide Squad inspired Auto Frame and Harley Quinn Stick-Onz. Take a look!


Stick-onz Target SS

If you’re one to cosplay, we have some great news for the next merchandise that has been revealed! Rubies has this amazing line of wigs, weapons, tattoos and of course outfits that are inspired by the movie. Take a look!

32944-harley-quinn-wig-pa-copy-185326 32946-harley-quinn-adult-jewelry-kit-pa-copy-185327 32949-joker-teeth-pa-copy-18532968852-deadshot-gauntlets-pa-copy-185332 68853-goat-mask-pa-copy-185333 68859-deadshot-mask-pa-copy-185334 620744-harley-quinn-hs-child-pa-copy-185335 810998-deadshot-adult-pa-copy-185336 810999-killer-croc-adult-costume-kit-la-copy-185337 820077-katana-adult-pa-copy-185338810999-killer-croc-adult-costume-kit-la-copy-185337 820077-katana-adult-pa-copy-185338 820078-harley-quinn-adult-costume-back-shot-la-copy-185339 820078-harley-quinn-adult-costume-la-r2-copy-185340 820116-dlx-joker-adult-pa-copy-185342 820118-harley-quinn-dlx-adult-pa-copy-185344 820119-joker-adult-costume-kit-la-copy-185345 bat inflatable harley left arm harley gun Harley wig mask deadshot Mask killer croc sword katana Wig wig mask katana

Also, for the ones that want to do it all a bit less can buy two mug shot inspired mugs with Harley and Joker by Silver Buffalo.

silver-buffalo-the-joker-mug-185348 silver-buffalo-harley-quinn-mug-185347


Skin-It will be releasing two phone cases that are themed for Suicide Squad.

skin-it-property-of-the-joker-case-185350 skin-it-logo-cast-case-185349

Trends International has a lot of stickers, bookmarks and pens they want to sell.

trends-international-suicide-squad-projector-pen-185355 trends-international-suicide-squad-calendar-185354 trends-international-suicide-squad-bookmark-185353 trend-international-suicide-squad-cast-decal-185351 trend-international-suicide-squad-logo-decal-185352

And the last company Trevco, will have a lot of shirts and hoodies. You can buy all the merch on the DC Entertainment website and it will become available this month.

trevco-suicide-squad-cast-shirt-185356 trevco-suicide-squad-logo-shirt-185361 trevco-suicide-squad-katana-shirt-185360 trevco-suicide-squad-harley-quinn-shirt-185359 trevco-suicide-squad-harely-quinn-good-night-shirt-185358 trevco-suicide-squad-deadshot-shirt-185357 trevco-suicide-squad-taskforce-shirt-185362 trevco-suicide-squad-the-joker-shirt-185363 trevco-suicide-squad-the-joker-sweatshirt-185364


Not only have we showed you a lot of collectibles that I am sure a lot of you people will buy. But we also have two new 30 second trailers!

This trailer got played after the NBA finals last night. May I say that I just laughed from moment one? Not only did the rhythm of the song stand out (with a well fitted bubble gum clasp sound) but the small dialogues you hear in it. It just put a smile on my face!

This trailer is just as awesome as the NBA one. We see a glimps of the chaos that is called the Joker. Jared Leto is growing on me for sure!

Suicide Squad will hit the theatres on August 5!

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