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Lucifer Recap ‘The Last Heartbreak’

Hello, fellow Lucifer fans! This week I’m venturing in Mr. Morningstar his world, and I am genuinely excited to share this new adventure with you.

Last week Lucifer tried to put the spotlight on anyone else but Chloe, which, of course, resulted in some hilarious moment. This week we start off where Lucifer is standing next to Ella. She thinks that Chloe and Marcus slept together after the concert, but Lucifer is so not having it. Lucifer kind of panics and Ella is quick to figure it out. Ella reassures Lucifer that what he and Chloe have is so much better. While in the other room Marcus asks Chloe out for dinner. Officer Dan walks in and tells them there is a new case where they need to be.

The crime scene they arrive at is a different kind of case. The two people in the car are bleeding out of their ears and mouth. Marcus had a gut feeling about this case, and he wanted to be there to see it himself. Marcus then goes on and asks if they looked at the dead couples chest cavities. He also explains about a past crime back in the 50s by the Broken Hearts killer. He made sure the victims swallowed their wedding rings before he killed them. The real killer, Clark, died a few days before in prison, but there is always a chance of a copycat walking around.

They find out the guy is married so they call up the spouse of the dead husband and will question her and give her the bad news. Lucifer tells Marcus Chloe has only room for one immortal being in her life and that spot has already been filled (by Lucifer). Marcus said he didn’t know they had something going on and he said he would step back. However, Lucifer wouldn’t be Lucifer if he didn’t say ‘we’re just partners.’

The interrogation started where Chloe mentions some worrying things about the wife of the dead man in the car. She, apparently, slashed his tires a month before and neighbors saw her throw rocks through the window. The wife soon explains she was upset and she just found out Robbie, the dead husband, was cheating. When the wife sees the pictures of the dead husband, she starts panicking, and Marcus quickly believes that she didn’t kill her husband. Lucifer, on the other hand, tries to work against Marcus and says he doesn’t believe a word the wife said. Chloe agrees with Lucifer, and they can’t take the wife’s word for it at face value. Dan mingles in the conversation and says they just found another dead couple, holding hands in a cheap motel.

At the office, Marcus was on to something about the surveillance cameras. Lucifer seems to be very cranky in this episode and tells Marcus they already knew the killer disabled the cameras before. However, Marcus is onto something and looks back at the video files from a week ago to see if someone was looking at the place. They get a lead, and Marcus gets a text saying the guy in the video seen in front of the original killer’s house. When all three of them get there, they meet with a guy in a ‘B.H.T’ cap, asking them if they are the 3 o’clock’s of his Broken Heart Tour. They all play along and go on the tour with the guy. They start asking questions about the original killer and compare the copycat as a ‘cheap copy.’ The guy that is doing the tour turns around and says the copycat might not be the original, but he’s precise and efficient. Which, makes this guy look insane and a suspect. Chloe takes out her badge, and the guy looks like he might be in trouble. They take him in to interrogate him.

However, how suspicious he is with all the correct information he had, he is just a weird tour guide obtaining pictures from crime scenes. Marcus asks the granddaughter of his mentor if he still kept the files on the Broken Heart killer and when looking through the data, they see one radio show connects them. They soon find out a modern version of the radio show, through Ella and they understand that the couples were in the show. Their addresses get bleeped out of the show, but this is just another lead that it could be someone on the show that is killing these people. Marcus quickly comes up with the plan that he and Chloe will apply for the programme and lure the killer to his house. Of course, Lucifer needs to be the guy who is being cheated on, much to his dismay.

A figure appears in front of Marcus’ house, and Dan tackles him to the ground. Of course, it’s the guy from the radio show ‘bringing the free chocolates.’ He then says that he posts the unedited videos online on his website, which means everyone could hear the addresses in the show. All when they’re busy with that guy, the killer is already in the house, ready to drug Chloe and Marcus. The killer comes in with a gas mask and a sledgehammer, looking at the couple. He takes the mask off, and before he can kill Marcus and Chloe, Lucifer comes in, takes the hammer out of his hands and knocks him out.

The episode ends with Lucifer in Chloe’s apartment, and he talks about his insecurities. He just asks her to be careful of Marcus. This episode was one wild ride, and Lucifer is one step closer to being the angle he deserves to be.

The next Lucifer episode will air on Monday evening on FOX. Do you think Lucifer is taking a step in the right direction with his relationship with Chloe?


Image: CR: Ray Mickshaw FOX