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‘Gotham’ Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: ‘Trespassers’

Published on January 11th, 2019 | Updated on January 11th, 2019 | By FanFest

The second episode of Gotham aired yesterday night, and boy, it was WILD. Last week we ended with a fantastic performance from Erin Richards, screaming that she’d kill Oswald Cobblepot. We also saw that over a year into the new Gotham; the city isn’t doing well at all. People are dying, terrified, and hungry. Bruce Wayne is becoming a public hero by letting a helicopter fly in the city with food, medicine and more. He earned his place into the police department.

Jim Gordon gets called back into his office, and he talks to the main line on the radio, explaining again that there are children in danger. The government, however, still doesn’t want to be a part of Gotham to help them in their downfall. He goes over the Siren’s territory and searches for Barbara Kean. Of course, Jim gets a lot of attention walking into her club. Barbara has a lot of anger and tells everyone to leave the club. You can see she came a long way; her character had such a phenomenal development. You can see there is a new fire between Barbara and Jim, once Jim tells her that he is trying to keep the city from falling apart, Barbara says he’s too late. Now, don’t get me wrong, she has a point. Gotham is pretty much on fire everywhere, but at least Barbara could be the reason to rebuild the city again. That’s not something she wants to do as she’s full of grieve, losing her best friend just a day before. She does, however, let Jim and the GCPD use her transportation. Jim Gordon gets caught between two gangs trying to kill him to get a reward from Penguin. Of course, Barbara decided to come to save the day at the last moment. It always surprises me how lucky Jim Gordon gets.

Bruce Wayne:
Bruce Wayne is on his own adventure when he opens a gate and walks right in the building in the park. A few people surround him, and before Bruce attacks, the people ask if he is with the so-called ‘witch’ they keep mentioning. The men aren’t happy with the Witch’s work though. They are ready to take her down, and already captured her and locked her away. Plants keep moving around in the background, and the men talk about how she talks to the plants. Once Bruce gets a moment alone with Ivy, she tries to plead with him, that she didn’t kill those men outside in the vines. Bruce doesn’t trust her pleas, for a good reason, but he decides to see the good in people, and that’s why he decided to trust Ivy. Once she gets out of the cage, she kills all of the men outside. Right at that moment, I feel like they made the right casting choice for Poison Ivy. Peyton List has the perfect amount of sultriness that Poison Ivy should have. It makes me think of Ivy in the video games. Of course, she gets ticked off by Bruce telling her the park smells of death and resembles a nightmare. She calls it ‘a work in progress.’ Bruce makes a deal that if she helps him, Bruce will leave her alone.

Ivy takes Bruce into her garden and grabs what Selina needs to be able to walk again. The cure that will make her walk, or (and it’s a big ‘or’) Selina will get killed. He makes his way to the hospital, and once Alfred knows it’s from Ivy, he doesn’t want the root near them at all. Selina, however, wants to try it. What else could she do? Selina eats the root and waits for whatever is to come. After a small anecdote of how she met Ivy on the streets, Selina started convulsing on her bed. That’s when the change happened, and Selina wasn’t the same anymore. The last thing we see to this episode is when Selina open’s her eyes when she’s hugging Bruce, and her eyes change to a brighter color and become very catlike.

Ladies and gentlemen, we officially have a young Catwoman, we have a Poison Ivy making her botanical garden in a park in Gotham, and we have Barbara deciding to play nice for Jim Gordon. This episode and this whole season is one big puzzle that’s slowly unraveling itself until the end.

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Gotham’s third episode of this final season will air next Thursday on FOX.



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