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‘Gotham’: Season 5 Episode 1 Recap ‘Year Zero’

Published on January 4th, 2019 | Updated on January 4th, 2019 | By FanFest

What’s up Gothamites! It’s still very early, but after that season premiere, we needed a little time to process what happened in Gotham. It starts with a small recap of what happened in the previous season, where Gotham was left to burn on its own, and the American government will do nothing to help the people in need. With no escape out of the city, no one really knows what would happen next after the destruction that took over the city thanks to Jeremiah.

Day 391:
It seems that for the final season they leave us with no time to breathe and we see a destructed Gotham, going over a year without any outside help; alarms are ringing, buildings are burning. You can only imagine what kind of mischief all the villains that broke free are terrorizing the people of Gotham. Even though Edward died while being stabbed by Lee, he appears as one of the first villains in full Riddler mode, closely followed by his frienemy, Oswald aka the Penguin. It seems like everyone is going to war pretty soon as everyone gets their gun of choice ready, joining forces to save the city they call home.

“For Gotham,” it sounds from Jim Gordon lips, right before they start firing at their common enemy.

We got back in time where Jim Gordon is in his office talking into a radio, giving the dreaded update on the state of the city. With the bridges blowing up and the government declaring Gotham off limits, the city was ‘up for grabs,’ which means that every villain or criminal could start and call dibs on whatever side of Gotham. Penguin is sitting in City Hall, of all people, working with his own gun business while Barbara and her club trade mostly in information in her side of town, and Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow take the west of the city, and his gang, the list keeps going on. The thing that worried me is when he said there was no sight of Jeremiah Valeska. It seems that the government wants no part in the fight, and doesn’t even listen to Captain Gordon’s pleas to help the civilians they saved in the city with food and other supplies.

Things go wrong very quickly when a police officer is sprayed with Scarecrow’s Fear-toxins and opens the gate so that Scarecrow can make it stop. That’s how the safe zone, wasn’t so safe anymore.  That’s also right before all the lights in Gotham go down. The hospital, where Selina is having her surgery, luckily has a generator in case of emergencies, the precinct isn’t so lucky. Scarecrow is right in front of Jim Gordon. He just missed Scarecrow’s spray, well, we hope at least. Bruce Wayne already starts showing off his hero side by flying in supplies for the city, which will buy them more time to find a solution.

All in all this episode was one wild rollercoaster, from Edward Nygma not knowing what’s happening to himself, to Selina Kyle trying to kill herself, Scarecrow terrorizing the GCPD. So many questions left to answer for this season, and I’m sure they’ll all get answered further on. Can we also stop for a moment and congratulate the cast in their perfect performance? Robin Lord Taylor and Erin Richards screaming out in their character’s pain is something that stuck with me after the episode. They put a lot of thought into this season, and the first episode is evidence of their hard work.

Where is Jeremiah right now, and what is he planning? Who is this ‘Witch’ the nurse in the hospital keeps talking about that leads Bruce Wayne to ask who the person is? Let us know what you thought of the episode and what your theories are in the comments below.

Gotham’s second episode of this final season will air on Thursday, January 10 on FOX.


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