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‘Lucifer’ Recap: ‘Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better’

Hello, fellow Lucifer fans, it’s time for another recap! Last week we left off with Marcus Pierce running out on Chloe, realizing he had feelings for her. Then, his mark left his arm, and we lost our minds.

'Lucifer' Recap: 'Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better'
LUCIFER: Tom Welling CR: FOX

This week we start off with the point of where we left off last week. Lucifer is screaming to Pierce and asks him how his mark could’ve gone away like that. Pierce tells Lucifer about his plan to make Chloe fall for him. Now that this happened, his mark left. Pierce now knows that Chloe is both their weaknesses. However, Lucifer still thinks everything is good old Dad’s way of punishing them. He might be right on this one. Once Pierce decided not to go through with the plan, his mark left, and he was too late. Of course, Lucifer is happy to help him die now. Chloe is heartbroken, and Lucifer wants to take revenge on him for hurting her. Ella talks to Pierce, and he then sees that he can be with Chloe now that he doesn’t have the mark. He doesn’t want to die anymore but wants to win her heart back.

Marcus covers Chloe’s car in pink flowers, and Lucifer completely loses it. Lucifer calls Amenadiel over and tells him they need to get rid of Pierce. Weirdly enough, Amenadiel says he’s in the plan. He talks to Charlotte and asks her for help to stalk Pierce. She’s immediately in when Amanadiel agreed it would put her in ‘God’s Grace.’ Charlotte is really in the moment and goes far to follow Pierce, so she ‘borrows’ a motorcycle from a stranger, which of course gets her caught by the one she’s following.

Later on, in the episode, Lucifer buys Chloe a car, and she gives the keys back to Lucifer. She doesn’t like the idea of them both fighting over her. Maze went over to Chloe’s house to see how she’s doing. Later, Chloe gets a call from Pierce. He asks her to come over for dinner in the evening, and she doesn’t know if

'Lucifer' Recap: 'Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better'
LUCIFER: Lauren German, Tom Ellis CR: FOX

she will. In the meantime, Lucifer surprises Chloe with a romantic dinner at his club. However, even if Lucifer thinks he did a good thing, Chloe is hurting. Chloe wants to hear him say he’s the one having feelings. Knowing Lucifer, he doesn’t say anything that he’s feeling. The whole murder of this week ended up with a deeper meaning. Somehow this leads back to Pierce, Lucifer, and Chloe. The murdered just wanted to be together with the girl he loved. Does Lucifer realize that he has feelings for Chloe? Yes, he does, because when he talks to Linda in the last few minutes of the episode, Lucifer said he just needed to tell Chloe how he felt, instead of trying to outdo Pierce.

Meanwhile, Pierce feels devastated, Chloe didn’t seem to show up. Charlotte breaks into his home once he leaves on his bike towards Chloe’s house, and they search for the envelope Pierce got earlier in the episode. However, the envelope is empty; they were too late to see what was in there.

This episode ended pretty emotionally; Lucifer told Linda he wants Chloe to choose him. That’s what he’s doing, and he goes out of his club. Pierce arrives at Chloe’s house. Pierce lets himself in and explains what happens in the last few days. That’s when he dropped to his knee. With Lucifer right outside seeing everything and seeing Chloe say yes to the proposal. I’m not crying, you are!

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Lucifer can overcome this? Will he still try to win over Chloe? Make her choose him above Pierce?

The next Lucifer episode will air next week on Monday, on FOX.


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