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‘Lucifer’ Recap: ‘The Angel of San Bernardino’

Published on April 17th, 2018 | Updated on April 17th, 2018 | By FanFest

Welcome back in yet another Lucifer recap! Last time, about two weeks ago, we ended with Pierce having evil intentions with Chloe, and telling Maze of his plan before she could leave town.

The Murder/Investigation
This weeks murder starts off right at the beginning of the episode. A lady wakes up and goes down with her wooden bat. Right before the lady can get killed, the door opens wide, and she’s ‘saved by an ‘Angel.’ Lucifer, that you?
Kevin is the guy who, unfortunately, lost his life in this weeks episode. Apparently, he was someone that was in a wealthy real estate family, but of course, he was the black sheep of the family.
Once the lady starts talking about the angel, it was easy to spot Lucifer’s baffled look on his face.

Chloe and Pierce
Their fake love seems to be blooming, even though Chloe has no idea it’s not real, the first thing they do is go into the evidence closet and make out. Pierce wants to move fast with his relationship with Chloe, but something is holding her back. Which is a good idea, smart Chloe!

As always he’s rude when it comes to Pierce in the neighborhood, and he tells Pierce precisely what he’s thinking. It is funny how Lucifer makes Chloe uncomfortable without even knowing he’s doing it.
As for the story between him and his brother keeps on going. Amenadiel is so sure that they made a mistake in telling Charlotte that they are out of this world. To be fair, they probably did make a mistake in that. However, once Lucifer asks him if he knows one of their brothers is in town, Amenadiel says he knows of nothing. The funny thing about that moment is that Lucifer finds the stolen figurine in front of his bed. Lucifer doesn’t recall being anywhere as he was telling Chloe that he was alone in the night for the very first time in… well, in ever.
Nonetheless, after trying to handcuff himself to the bed, they do conclude he’s the angel the woman saw as his handcuffs broke. His plan now, thanks to Chloe, is to stay awake and not do the angel-sleep-walking-thing. He completely lost it in this episode; he goes from taking drugs to cleaning to driving a small kids bike. It does not stop there, sadly for him, he participates in a fight club, just to get hit and to stay awake. After that, he tries to build an Ikea bench. At least that’s what we think it is!
Lucifer tells the truth to Chloe, but she still doesn’t believe. She truly believes that Pierce is the one for her, that he is a good man and she has genuine feelings for him.

This episode showed the old Lucifer. I wish he would tell Chloe. How he went after the guy that murdered Kevin in the state he was in this episode. While he was holding the man up, his eyes turned red, and we’re back to the Lucifer we met in the first season. I did not like how Maze betrayed Lucifer like that. All because Lucifer doesn’t want to send her back to hell. The figurine next to the bed, the angel seeings, were all Maze.


This episode was one crazy rollercoaster, and I can’t wait for more. How do you think Pierce’s plan will play out? After Chloe giving herself at the end of the episode, he kind of just left. He seems to be having cold feet, which means he’s getting feelings. Plus, the mark that now is gone will forever set him free. If he wants to die, he can. Do you think Maze will come around? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

The next episode of Lucifer will air on April 23, on FOX.


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