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Loot Crate Announces Two Huge New Partnerships!

This morning, Loot Crate dropped two major bombs on the gaming collectible world by announcing that they’re partnering with both Bethesda Games and Netflix to create two brand-new limited-edition subscription crates. Fans of the Fallout series can now get their hands on on exclusive Fallout merchandise, including never-before-seen action figures, apparel, and more every two months. If the post-apocalyptic world isn’t quite your scene, then you may be interested in the super-exclusive Stranger Things crate. We sat down with Erik Reynolds from LootCrate on the floor of E3 today to find out more about both crates.

“The question at hand was how to reimagine the universe into a crate.” Reynolds said, referring to the Fallout crate. It sounds like a simple statement, but trying to fit the vast span of four hige video games into a shoebox-sized physical box is anything but. To do it, LootCrate looked back at how they created their successful Halo-themed boxes. They’ll be continuing the Screenshot Collection for the Fallout boxes, as well as continuing the tradition of creating a brand-new action figure line just for subscribers. The exact figures in that line are still a surprise, but Reynolds hinted that at least some will be secondary or tertiary characters that have drawn an intense following from fans. Think of them as Easter Eggs in physical form.

When it came time to develop the Stranger Things crate, Reynolds said that they followed a similar process. He was tight-lipped on details of what fans can expect to find inside this one-time shipment, but promises that the crate will stay true to the show’s 80’s/ Dungeons & Dragons aesthetic. Included items will span both the first and second season of the show, and will ship once the second season premieres on October 31st. It is on sale now for $59.99, and can be purchased here:

The Fallout subscription box will be delivered every two months, and will cost $34.99 for US residents. (Those outside the US can expect a price tag of $44.99, to help cover international shipping and taxes.) The crate isn’t available for order yet, but interested fans can sign up here to be notified as soon as it goes on sale:

So, which crate will you be ordering?

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