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E3 2018: View From The Floor, Part One

Published on June 13th, 2018 | Updated on June 13th, 2018 | By FanFest

Day 1 is done, which means it’s time for Part 1 of our “View From The Floor” wrap-up! Today was the day of indie developers- puzzlers, shooters, RPGs, point-and-clicks, and all the accessories to make them great. Here are the highlights that you may have missed:

1) Woojer’s Ryg Haptic Vest. If your interests are anything like ours, you may have seen ads for Woojer pop up in your Facebook feed recently. The company builds haptic feedback systems for gaming, including a strap with 4 separate inducers to create a pretty darn cool immersive experience. Or so we thought. Then we put on the Ryg vest. And y’all- it’s a literal gamechanger. Boasting 8 separate inducers, dual adjustable channels, integrated controls on the left strap, and 3 batteries each with an 8 hr lifespan, this thing is an extremely comfortable beast. At a weight of about 5 lbs (more if you use the optional laptop/ VR attachment to fully free yourself from wires) and lined with machine washable padded covers, you can expect hours of comfortable gameplay in it. The vest is designed to work best with 7.1 Dolby audio and above, but it’s capable of supporting anything with a 3.5mm audio jack. It will hit the Woojer online store in late 2018.

Lindsey Anderson (Credit Katie Anderson)

2) Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion (Outright Games). If you’re a fan of Adventure Time, you’ll be a fan of this game. The newest entry in the game series based off the hit cartoon features all the zany action and clever writing that fans want. Finn and Jake wake up one morning to discover that the Land of Ooo has been flooded. They must figure out who is behind it, why, and how to restore their world back to normal. The game promises over 14 hours of main story playtime, plus side quests and the option to replay missions with unlocked characters. It hits the PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on July 17, 2018. Check it out for yourselves and see if you can find the snail.

3) Semblance (Good Shepherd Entertainment). There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding this puzzle platformer (which is why the only photo we have is of their banner), but the developers describe it as the first “true” platformer. After getting our hands on a demo today, we have to agree. You’ll play as a soft squishy being, tasked with saving your soft squishy world from an infestation of hard non-squishy material. There’s no dialogue in this game, and the narrative reveals itself gradually across the levels. Be prepared to jump, dash, and squish yourself to new heights when the game hits the PC and Nintendo Switch in just a few weeks.

Credit Katie Anderson

4) noblechairs. What started as simply a need to sit down for a moment quickly turned into a formal comparison of all the gaming chairs offered across all three halls of the convention. noblechairs (yes, that’s how you write it) won. Based out of Germany, this company makes gaming chairs inspired by luxury automotive seats. Their newest series features real leather, multi-point adjustable armrests, back and neck rests, and a nearly flat recline. It’s designed with streamers in mind to help find that perfect angle for spending hours in front of a screen. It debuts in the US on June 29th and our backs can absolutely not wait.

5) Spectrum: The Retreat (Ripstone Studios). This was our favorite demo of the day. We’ve been looking for a game to fill the Portal 2-sized hole in our hearts for years and the search is now over. The game is set inside an art deco hotel where the staff are all robots and not a one of them has a friendly face. Players must solve color-swapping puzzles in order to learn more about who they are and how they came to be a guest in this strange hotel. What truly makes this game stand out is the developer’s commitment to accessibility. They are already hard at work for a mod for color-blind gamers and hope to release it alongside the game’s main debut in late Summer 2018. It will be available for the PC (via Steam), Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

That’s it for our Day 1 wrap-up. Check out our montage video below and keep an eye on our Facebook page for more photos and live videos from the floor. For those watching the streams from home- what were your favorite announcements and news from today?


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