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Limitless: Can Brian survive without the immunity shot?

So this week (and next) is the season finale of Limitless!

The streets are flooded with NZT which is good for Brian since he is no longer a part of the FBI and has no access to the drug. But without the immunity shot, what will happen? Brian describes the side effects as a really bad hangover. Like a ridiculously bad hangover. Executive Producer Craig Sweeney tuned in for an entertainment weekly interview.

Are the side effects going to get worse now that Brian’s been on NZT for so long?

“It does manifest itself in more potent and powerful ways. He gets so far gone with the side effects that he comes to expect that there’s no
other possible outcome but death or some form of psychosis. Whether that turns out to be true or not, you have to tune in for the two-part finale.”

Can he survive without the immunity shot?

“His theory is that he’s still within the grace period of his most recent immunity shot where he wouldn’t experience side effects if he takes NZT. Over the course of the two-parter, he tests that theory and discovers that he’s wrong, basically. But, for him, the cost is worth it because he wants to find out what happened to Piper so badly. He’s willing to incur those very serious risks to his life and still continue
taking the pill.” – Sweeney.

What about Rebecca? Is she addicted to NZT?

“For Rebecca, her drug is putting away bad guys. To experience a pill that facilitates that as powerfully as NZT, I think she will not be able to resist taking it again down the line, which is a major problem and will be a big complication not in these two episodes, but for the character
going forward.”- Sweeney.

Will she face consequences from having taking it already?

“It’s impossible to take NZT and not have some kind of longterm — it’s impossible to do that and ever be completely the same again.
I wouldn’t say it’s a major part of the next two episodes, but it’s going to be a major part of what the character has to deal with moving forward into future seasons.” – Sweeney.

What is Sands’ deal? What does he want to accomplish by turning the FBI on it’s head?

“Basically they want to become the Illuminati, who are able to control events to their liking and profit from events. They have geopolitical fissure that they’re exploiting in the finale. They need to do a few things, they need to kill a few people to make this happen, but if they’re able to succeed in this plan, then not only will they facilitate a geopolitical disaster of their own making, they’ll profit very handsomely too.”- Sweeney.

Will someone die in the finale?

“I would expect death. I never like to be cavalier about saying, “Oh, we’re going to kill this character off for shock value.” Certainly, everything is on the table for the finale.” – Sweeney.

Because Limitless hasn’t been renewed for another season yet? How will this season end?

“I generally love ending an episode on a good cliffhanger, like when Rebecca puts the cuffs on the table and says, “You’re going to tell me what’s going on with you and Eddie Morra.” I love for seasons to feel like complete chapters. For me, I’m not generally looking to design
seasons to end on big cliffhangers. Actually, just because the way I like to work and what I feel like is the most effective model for long form TV, I didn’t really have to change what I was planning to do based on not being renewed. Granted, I’d preferred to be renewed right now, of
course. But that hasn’t happened yet.” – Sweeney.

And I can’t forget Bradley Cooper. Will he make an appearance in the finale?

“Bradley will not be back on screen in the finale, but the character looms large over what everybody is doing, for sure. He influences what Brian is up to, but there will not be an onscreen appearance from Bradley in the finale.”

The Finale: Part Two will air next Tuesday at 10 p.m. on CBS

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